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Moderators Assistance & A Request


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My friend, who I've recently bugged enough to get back on Cyber Nations, can't register. I have logged onto my account through his computer once before, and apparently because of that, he can't register now as it says that there are multiple users if he tries to register.

I can assure you, in no way what so ever, that we haven't had multi-users. My question is that, could you somehow clear it so that he can register, or regiser an account for him to log onto? The account he was trying to register for was Kenneth, which is open at the moment.

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I didn't mean to. The post topic button wouldn't activate for some reason, and it created for. I honestly didn't mean to. I think he might be able to start a nation at his dad's house, but is there any way so he can do it here? (At his mom's house)

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If he can access the internet from another network (that you have not logged in from before), then he can create one there and manage it there.

However, I'm not sure if he can log in and manage it from the place where you logged in your nation once before.

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