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Any team (but preferably white) Trade Circle


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Okay, this can be on any color since finding such an ideal trade set can be hard, but if we can, let's try and make it white, but it doesn't matter. Here are the resources we need:

Aluminum - Radaman

Coal - Sacred Heart

Gold - Pervysage

Iron - Sacred Heart

Lead - Al caponia

Lumber - Al caponia

Marble - Slinkydom

Oil - Lakerzz8

Rubber - Radaman

Uranium - Slinkydom

Water - Pervysage

Wheat - Lakerzz8

You get bonuses of:






Radiation Cleanup



I'll message everyone once we are set and we can all cancel our trades and start this trade circle on the same day. If you have any questions please message me. Thanks!

Initial infrastructure cost: -42%

Infrastructure upkeep: -26%

Population increase: 8%

Citizen income increase: $6

Population happiness increase: 11

Initial land cost: -10%

Purchased land area increase: 40%

Natural growth increase: 0%

Technology cost decrease: -13%

Environment increase: 20%

Environment decrease: -2

Soldier increase: 38%

Soldier cost decrease: $-6

Soldier upkeep cost: $-0.5

Tank cost decrease: -13%

Tank upkeep cost: -13%

Aircraft cost decrease: -16%

Aircraft upkeep: -20%

Aircraft limit increase: 10

Cruise missle cost decrease: -20%

Cruise missle upkeep: -20%

Nuke cost decrease: -20%

Nuke upkeep: -20%

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Zuver, I'm sorry but Al Caponia posted just ahead of you and he has one of the same resources as you. If he happens to change his mind, I'll notify you. But as he came first I'll be adding him to the list. Sorry again, I hope there's no hard feelings.

Al Caponia, you have been added.

2 spots left!

If anyone knows anyone who has 2 of the remaining 4 resources, please let them know about this thread or have them message me (here or in-game). We're almost there!

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Anybody reading this read with Aluminum AND Marble head over to my thread http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=25941 I have the circle complete, but just lost a no notice trade breaker.

Be weary of Xo Unlucky oX , He canceled out trade with zero notice to anyone, and refused to answer messages.

Again hit up the above link if you have Aluminum AND Marble, the circle is full of respectable people who will not bail. I only posted on your thread because I see you do not need this combination.

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If someone has coal, iron, or marble and NOT uranium please apply as Uranium does not give that much of a bonus and I guess we can do without it for now.

Also if anyone can help me message players from all color spheres that have marble, I would really appreciate it.


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Okay, guys we are ready! I will message everyone in game with all the nation links and we should have this set up within the next few days! Awesome!

If everyone can switch to white, that would be awesome :P

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