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Rounding errors


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Two topics just today deal with rounding errors: 10,999.997 infrastructure which rounds to 11,000.00 for display; 9.995 tech which rounds to 10.00 for display.

If the numbers are going to be rounded for display, why not round them for calculations to prevent the confusion?

Or, drop the thousandths column entirely and only store numbers to the hundredths.

Or, make the numbers that we see accurate and show us the thousandths.

It makes no sense to me why there should be hidden values that actually affect gameplay due to how they conflict with known required values. What is the point of this, or why is it not considered a bug already?

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I don't disagree with you, treefinguy. However, it seems to me that when the difference between what is displayed and what is calculated results in confusion over available functionality, there's a bug in the system.

Regardless of which resolution is achieved, or how it is, it needs to be resolved.

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