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Good ol R.O.C.K.

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Hello there CN, I'de like to take a few moments and tell you about R.O.C.K. once again. We currently have 30 members with a current average str of 21,566. Here lately we have been a bit quiet and kept to ourselves. But now, hold on to your seats R.O.C.K. is back and totally ready to R.O.C.K. our faces off.

I'de like to ask you a few question for you to answer to yourself.

1. Would you rather be in a new alliance just starting out?

2. Would you rather be in a old established alliance reinventing the way things work.

3. Do you enjoy good company on forums that provide not only CN based help and advice but hours of entertainment?

If you answered these questions in the following order No, Yes, Hell yes. Then you are merely a few more steps aways from joining us and R.O.C.K.ing your face off.

A few things you may want to know before checking us out. Our charter can be read here. Feel free to look over it and see how you like it.

Our leadership as described in the charter are as follows:

Smooth Pancakes of Drunken Russia, Royal of Foreign Affairs

RadonaTor of San Fiera, Royal of Immigration

Mickey of Doobs, Royal of Defense

TEG24601 of Tegian Republic, Royal of Domestic Affairs

DenimDan of Chahoca, Royal of Finances

Aliveagain of Wootsville, Supreme Royal

Amphoteric of Inferno Federation (Quinoline), Royal Layman

Any questions you may have about anything can be asked by sending a pm either in game or on these forums to any of these listed individuals.

I thank you all for your time and the chance to let you know about R.O.C.K.

I leave you with the link to our forums so you can sign up and R.O.C.K. with us.

R.O.C.K. starts here.

until next time,

Aliveagain ruler of Wootsville

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