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Black Trade Circle - 3 bonuses & Uranium


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You must have two of the resources in bold (and the Harbor ) to join the circle. J

ust post a reply with your two resources if you want to join.

Updated 6/29: I've been offered a position in another trade guild with the Blue Team, so I'm withdrawing. Madogu, you've been the most active in keeping up with this, so if you'd like to copy this list into a new post and take over trying to get the circle complete, I wish you guys luck in getting it done!

cattle: styros

coal: Azrac

pigs: Magodu

aluminum: moneyshot




water: magodu

spices: styros

iron: Azrac

uranium (or another resource if preferred):

sugar: moneyshot

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I just wrote up a similar TC for black. I'll kill that if this one gets going though,

My resources are Water and Pigs.

However, I'm not going to black until this Monday, but that shouldn't be a problem, right?

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i have cattle and spices

Great! We just need one more person to complete the circle. Once complete, I'll PM everyone to start the process of adding the other members as trading partners.

Once we have the last slot filled, I've read (but not experienced) that the the protocol in the game is to let your current trading partners know a day or two in advance that you are canceling your existing trades to join a circle. Nobody's extended me the courtesy in the past, so bearing that in mind, please understand that it may or may not take a day or two for everyone to complete the circle and have all the bonuses kick in.

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Unfortunately, I myself have found another TC involving a good portion of my alliance. I apologize, but I must withdraw from this TC as well. I wish anyone else that decides to continue this TC into fruition good luck.

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