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Land area miscalculation?


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Apparently, to find the population density, the total population (citizens + soldiers) is divided by the diameter of your nation.

I was just wondering, usually "diameter" refers to a circle. And last time i checked the area of a circle was (pi r^2), or (pi d^2 / 4), NOT d. Also, the formula for population density would be (total population) / (land AREA)

For example, my listed population density is 46.10

my land DIAMETER : 2,210.99 miles

my total population : 101,899 Supporters, the

101,899 / 2,210.99 = 46.10, which is the listed value.

Now, in my opinion, the TRUE population density should be:

101,899 / (pi (2,210.99)^2 / 4) = 0.0625

I agree that this may seem a bit ridiculous (100k people living in Europe), but I suggest that this be changed to land AREA is 2,210.299 SQUARE miles, or that the calculation be fixed.

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