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Seeking Alliance

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Hello, I am Allstarzzz of Superstar13.

I'm a relatively experienced player; I've had 2 nations previously so I've been around a little while.

I'm the ex-Grand Vizier of ICE [imperial confederation of empires]

As well as other ex-government positions in several alliances.

I'm looking for a newly established alliance, thats relatively small but still has some NS.

Please post your offers.

I'd appreciate it if you contacted me via aim/msn/yim for easy contact

My messenger contact info is in my Profile


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We would like to have someone like you join our allaince.

We are a fun comunity and would like to haveyou arround.

Please view us here - www.unitedoutcasts.net or contact me on msn malarky.nz@hotmail.com


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The British Empire fits the specification you've outlined; we are a new and small alliance that could benefit greatly from your participation. I appreciate that you have asked to be contacted by alternative means, but I'm afraid I don't use them.

As an alliance we stand for the rule of law, cultural development and reasoned debate. With your experience I'm sure you would be a great help to us. Please visit our website here, where more information is readily available.

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I'd like to personally invite you my alliance, the Atlantic Empire!

We're relatively small, with 110 members.

Here's some benefits of joining AE:

*We offer $1,000,000 just for joining our alliance!

*You're always eligible for more aid

*Atlantic Empire offers an umbrella of protection

If you're interested check us out at:



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Just a disclaimer. Recruit Allstarzzz at your own risk. He is formerly of NoV and all he did was complain, cause problems, and then leave at the slightest sign of trouble. If you are looking to pad your number of members, he's perfect. If you want a quality member, he is not for you.

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How about the Socialistic Empire? We will give you aid just for joining, we are having elections right now so it is a time of change, and you can be sure of protection from our massive army.


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