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Keeping a look out

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If you have no objection to changing color teams, then please consider the Greenland Republic.

We are a respectable, medium-sized alliance, which enjoys good leadership and has a very active tech-trading market.

We're large enough to offer security, small enough so that every member counts.

Changing your trades to blue would be a fairly painless process through assistance by our members and through the BLEU forum.

An experienced member like yourself would be a very welcome addition to our alliance.

If you're interested in what joining us offers, then please give us a visit at our forum, located at:


We hope you'll join us. If not, then our best wishes in your search for the right alliance for you.

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Send me info on your alliance and a link and i will check it out :jihad: (If any blackwater reps. are looking at this i am also looking for more info on your alliance)

I invite you to #blackwater on Espernet if you d like to learn more about Blackwater.

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I am looking for a alliance that is somewhat small (not to small and not the size of the NpO) and has a lot of aid to offer because i would like to grow. I have checked out most of your alliances and i was wondering if i could be sent more info.

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Shouldn't you, like, resign from your current alliance?

Openly searching for other alliances while in one is rather bad taste...and a good way to get demasked without warning if your leaders pay attention.

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