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Consider Camelot. Although currently small in numbers, we have 2 ex-experienced government from what was a 2 million NS, 150 member alliance before it merged with Ragnarok - the ASC. (Trades and MoFA). Our aggressive tech trade/aid/trade circles program will make your nation grow like lightning. :)



I also run the CAFE, an aqua interalliance trade program with 199 registered members and nearly 300 nations in the trade circles database, and so we have very significant trading contacts with every aqua sphere alliance.


We are also protected militarily by the might of the Mushroom Kingdom, so tech raids shouldn't be a problem. Our IRC channel at #camelot is much more populated than you would expect, and that can only increase as we grow.

71K NS is tiny, but we are bound for much, much bigger things. We have the experience, the knowledge, and the dedication to build an amazing alliance, and positions are open at all levels of government, so there is room to advance all the way up.

I hope you will consider us. :awesome:

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