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Green trade ring up for grabs.


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Starting up a permanent trade ring. Sign up Benefits are listed below. It's for people who are more interested in military strength than economic power. Plus, VE, Argonaut and Andromeda members have 1st priority, but the ring is open to everyone as you can see.

Bonus Resources: Asphalt, Automobiles, Beer, Construction, Scholars, Steel

Portfolio Upside: Infrastructure, Land, Military

Portfolio Downside: Income, Tech Cost

Aluminum- Increases soldier efficiency +20%, lowers infrastructure purchase cost -7%, and lowers aircraft purchase costs -8%.

Coal- Increases the purchased land area of a nation by 15%, increases soldier efficiency +8%, and lowers infrastructure purchase cost -4%.

Iron -Lowers soldier purchase cost -$3.00, lowers infrastructure upkeep costs -10%, lowers infrastructure purchase costs -5%, lowers tank upkeep costs -5%.

Lead - Lowers cruise missile and nuclear weapon purchase cost and upkeep cost -20%, lowers aircraft upkeep cost -25%, lowers tank purchase and upkeep costs -8%, lowers soldier upkeep cost -$0.50.

Lumber- Lowers infrastructure purchase cost -6% and lowers infrastructure upkeep costs -8%.

Marble- Lowers infrastructure purchase cost -10%.

Oil - Lowers soldier purchase cost -$3.00, increases population happiness +1.5, increases soldier efficiency +10%, lowers tank upkeep cost -5%, and lowers aircraft purchase cost -4%.

Rubber - Increases purchased land area of a nation by 20%, lowers land purchase cost -10%, triples the value of land when selling (from $100 to $300), lowers infrastructure purchase cost -3%, and lowers aircraft purchase cost -4%.

Wheat- Increases number of citizens +8%.

Wine- Increases population happiness +3

2x(WIlDCARD): Any random resource's benefits. (Here, anyone with both resources not included in the list can apply)

Bonus resources

Asphalt - Lowers infrastructure upkeep cost -5%.

Automobiles - Increases population happiness +3.

Beer - Increases population happiness + 2.

Construction - Reduces infrastructure cost -5% and raises the aircraft limit +10.

Scholars - Increases population income +$3.00.

Steel - Reduces infrastructure cost -2%.

Please continue applying even though the trade slot you want is pending. The applicant might be rejected for various reasons and you'd be in!

Trade Resources:

Aluminum: newyorkthug

Coal: Bear hunter

Iron: Hideki

Lead: newyorkthug


Marble: Banofeepie

Oil: Aineshane


Wheat: GeneralRommel


WILDCARD: GeneralRommel (uranium)

WILDCARD: Bear hunter (gems)

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Spectrum - Furs Oil

Karsimor - Gems Water

JBCountry - Lead Pigs

WithInTheRoom - Pigs Rubber

Etaron - Fish Rubber

Kingra - Lead Pigs

Semerk - Gold Wine

Alhazred - Marble Sugar

Balmora - Gems Oil

Woodsland - Rubber Silver

Starfleet - Sugar Wine

Quiet Empire - Lead Sugar

gridiron gang - Lumber Wine

Irobot - Silver Rubber

Take as many as you want, but make sure to sign them out here if you're going to use them, and to message them in game.

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Ok Ok. Pse only post a reply if you have the below listed resources. The circle will not be edited at all.

Trade Resources:









WILDCARD:(Any resource)

WILDCARD:(Any resource)

And remember to keep your current trades going until we have a full circle. You can even look for more temporary trades to fill up your slots in the meantime. When applying you must have atleast one of the named resource, preferably two, but atleast one.

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Look, I dont have a choice. Put yourself in my shoes, there is this guy who has coal and gems and another has lead and cattle. If I accepted them, they would fill up the wild card slots. If you have a solution my brother, please offer me one.

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Come on guys. one person to go. This ring is hot to go!

If any of the current members wish, they can submit trade offers to the following nations as we wait for our final member.






Republic Of Newyork

Those of you with full slots can cancel the rest and leave one of your temporary ones till we gt our final member. Thanx

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