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Nineteen nations. 128,000 NS. We are the thin, plate-mail clad line of knights and commoners, lords and ladies, warriors, merchants, and peasants - who stand united against the cold night of CN.

Camelot was founded about three weeks ago by six ex-ASC nations. Although we are small, we are experienced and well connected. Two of our members, the Magician and King of the alliance, held government positions in the ASC. We know how to keep your nation safe, we know how to make your nation grow, we know how to get the best trades possible for you.. and we know how to have fun! :awesome:

We are a protectorate of the inestimable Mushroom Kingdom, and priority will be given to the same in our sales of technology. If you can sell tech, and you join us, all five of your slots will be filled with tech trades at all times. :) We'll help you with this, and help you grow your nation into a mighty superpower.

If you are an older nation, you'll have a large pool of young nations to securely buy tech from - no hassles, no fuss, no work. You send out some money, and you have tech flowing in. We can also likely find you better trades than you have.

There is also plenty of opportunity to hold a government position in Camelot, for there is much work to be done. You have to prove that you are loyal, and active, but then you can quickly work your way up through the ranks, from commoner to squire to knight and higher. We have government positions open at all levels.

;-) And they'll remain open until suitable candidates come to fill them, and prove their mettle. This could be you!

You can find us on IRC at #camelot on coldfront

Our forums are at: [http://camelot.ipbfree.com

Read about us on our wiki at: http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Camelot

Join us.

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We're also a very friendly alliance. We'll help you out, as Londo Said, by growing your nation as quick as possible. Remeber, by helping you grow, we grow too. Smaller nations can't grow as fast with just their own income as they can with help from larger alliances. Larger nations can also benefit from helping out the smaller nations by Tech dealing.

So, become a knight today.

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