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Possible bug


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Ok, situation... I'm nationsitting the nation of Noctaurus:


Today I logged in and their tax income was cut in half. The nation still has all it's trades. It's only been in peace mode a few days, I expect a small impact but not this. No events expired, although no event could account for it anyway. Happiness level in the nation is still over 50 but gross income per individual per day dropped to $135, It was up near $300 with happiness just a bit more over 50 last time I collected so it should still be in that neighbourhood.

So, what's up?

And before anyone mentions it, yes I saw the other thread over here complaining about the same thing: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=1826... and saw that Admin has responded in it. But the response only said the date at which foreign aid restrictions kicks in is off. Nothing appeared to be mentioned about why tax income suddenly dropped in half when the happiness penalties don't account for the change.

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