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Here is an Ideal on Iron Cross:


Charter: The Iron Cross charter is based on basic principles:

• Freedom, Liberty & Justice

• Excellence & Integrity

• Ingenuity

• Global Economic Development

• Promotion of Interest in RL Political, Economic, Military and Social Affairs

• Eradication of Terrorists and Terrorist Organizations

Team Color: Iron Cross condones diverse team colors. No nation will be denied membership on the sole basis of team color.

Off-Site Forums & IRC: Iron Cross off-site forums are found here:

Iron Cross Forums

Our IRC Channel can be found here:



National Flag: The preferred Iron Cross alliance flag is “Custom 4,†which is the traditional Republic of Texas / State of Texas flag, however other flags may be used by individual nations.

Theme of IX: The Iron Cross alliance theme is based on a science fiction continuum extending from pre-WWI old west America to futuristic action/adventure rooted in real world history. This world-set allows for a tremendous amount of creative room for members who want to develop a robust storyline and "in-character" reference for their nation's individuality.


Iron Cross will accept members of any team color or nationality. Active participation in the development of the alliance is required to gain positions of status and responsibility. Members joining the IX shall gain military and economic support from fellow IX nations, and will be expected to act in a mutually assistive fashion to their IX brothers & sisters. No applicant will be allowed membership while engaged in active war with another nation or alliance – nor will the IX aid such applicants until those wars are resolved in an acceptable manner. No applicant will be allowed membership if they have displayed excessive irresponsible behavior, including flaming/trolling on CN forums, and pointless instigation of conflict between other nations/alliances.

Economic Policy:

Iron Cross promotes all forms of internal and inter-alliance economic development, including tech transactions, donation deals, and a variety of other trades, services, and information, regardless of alliance affiliation. As it is NOT the policy of the IX to assist uncivilized or terrorist activities, the IX will publicly post a list of embargoed nations or alliances if and when necessary, to inform the CN public and internal membership of our stance.

Military & War Policy:

Iron Cross is in general a neutral and militarily defensive alliance. However, conditions under which IX will wage offensive wars are as follows:

1) Against Rogue & Unaligned Nations – The IX definition of a rogue nation is a nation that acts in gross contravention of civilized alliance charters or regulations. Such a rogue may be unaligned, or identified as a criminal through diplomatic channels with the alliance “harboring†the rogue. Rogues will not be offensively attacked while they are flying an alliance affiliation until the IX has established communications with the alliance from which they claim membership. We define an unaligned nation as a nation that does not carry an alliance affiliation. This being said, IX nations or the alliance as a whole may offensively attack rogues as described, or may offensively attack unaligned nations at will.

2) For Mutual Defense – Treaties, Pacts and Agreements executed by IX, specifying obligation to defend other alliances or nations, may be invoked to authorize offensive attacks against other nations or alliances. While individual wars initiated by IX nations may be offensive, inasmuch as they declare against an opponent, the intent of these declarations shall be to support defensive measures previously agreed upon by the IX and the jointly defending alliance or nation.

3) Special Operations – Iron Cross may accept special operations involving other nations or alliances that involve waging offensive wars. In general, these special operations are limited in scope to mercenary actions involving anti-terrorist activities as described below under “Mercenary Servicesâ€.

Nuclear Policy:

Iron Cross has no prohibition regarding use of nuclear weapons during war, as they are considered to be military tools just like any other use of force. In general, if IX is to engage in war, it is wise to assume that any and all means necessary will be leveraged to settle the conflict.

Reparations Policy

IX members who attack other nations represented by an alliance affiliation without IX authorization (prior or subsequent) will be required to pay reparations to the victim alliance approximately equal to the damage dealt. Members who do not comply with these general regulations may be discharged from the Texas Foreign Legion and dealt with in a punitive manner, if so agreed through internal IX government ruling.

Nations or alliances acting as an aggressor towards Iron Cross or member nations shall be required to make reparations to IX equal to the amount of damage dealt. Enforcement of this policy may be enabled by undisclosed extra-IX resources. Failure of the aggressor to comply with reparations terms may result in punitive damages, up to and including ZI.

Iron Cross Political Agenda:

IX has 4 simple political agendas:

1) Promoting growth of all civilized nations and alliances

2) Countering Terrorist Activities

3) Enhancing Cyber Nations’ Gameplay

4) Inspiring Alliance Excellence

IX Mercenary Services:

Cyber Nations’ alliances or individual nations may find value in retaining Iron Cross Mercenary Services. Some applications of these services are:

1) Anti-Terrorist Engagements

2) Enforcement for Reparations

3) Punishment of Nations and/or Alliances for CN Crimes

4) Auxiliary Military Augmentation

5) Special Covert Operations

Government Structure:

Currently, Iron Cross is operated by a five member government:

Patriot89 of xUnited Statesx - Co-Founder & President

Gunnm of Bear Flag Republic – Vice-President

James IV of Repubilc of Texas – Secretary of Defense

Carraninator of Carraninator - Secretary of Foreign Affairs

xSaLaMi of Meat Union - Secretary of Finance

Mo0op of United Fick Nations - Secretary of Internal Affairs

Upon reaching 32 members, Iron Cross will enact democratic elections for government positions, and will expand these positions as necessary.

Martial Law:

During alliance-wide war, the President shall assume martial law war powers over all IX member nations. The Major General is granted secondary position of war authority. Other war powers may be delegated to IX members when required. If such delegation occurs, a public notice to this effect will be posted on CN forums so that schedule of authority may be known externally.

Inter-Alliance Agreements:

Iron Cross seeks any type of mutually beneficial agreements with Cyber Nations entities. Our agreements fall into four categories:

Protectorate/Protector- Wherein one party is a protectorate, and the other party is protector. Iron Cross shall not keep active more than 2 protector plus 2 protectorate roles concurrently.

Economic Development- Any type of complex trade agreement wherein written procedures or continual maintenance/management are required for success.

Mutual Defense Pact- Self-apparent. A very limited number of MDPs shall be executed by Iron Cross.

Mercenary Services Contract- Custom contracts based IX mercenary services described above shall be accepted, reviewed, and agreed (or not agreed) upon based on the just merits of the objective. Iron Cross will review such requests internally and respond privately within 24 hours of receipt.

Boilerplate IX Inter-Alliance agreements will be available on our forums for use by other CN entities. Other types of agreements may be considered and accepted, but are not encouraged.

Iron Cross Technology Cooperative:

IX creates and distributes CN utility technology for enhanced gameplay. Interested parties should contact Patriot via PM on our forums for more information.

Recruiting: Members applying to the IX have immediate opportunities to serve the alliance in important capacities, including:

• Defense Director (filled)

• Forums Administrator (filled)

• Marketing & Recruitment Director (filled)

• Economic Development Director

• Technology Development Director

• Creative Art Director

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The IX Point System

The Iron Cross has issued a point system on our website. All are eligible for this point system. Simply you make a thread you get 10 points, if you reply to a post you get 5. Example if you make a thread and you reply to it later on with more detail you will get a total of 15 points. You can save your points in the bank, trade/sell them, buy more points, or you can simply purchase the items offered by Iron Cross.

Some Items Offered

1. 1,000 Points = $300,000 CN Money

2. 10,000 Points = $3,000,000 CN Money

3. 50,000 Points = $20 Donation for CN (Instituted shortly, still working on bugs)

You may think, wow this is too good to be true!! But, it really is true, we are offering this to not only our members but to everyone. May it be allies, foreign individuals interested in the alliance, or simply you are just interested in the money. All are welcome.

You may also think... "Hmm, I'll just spam the hell out of them"... Sorry but if you are caught spamming or we think you are you will be banned from the site and will not be able to re-register.

So come to IX Alliance Site and register!

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