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Spie Attacks


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Our alliance has a ghost nation that has been attacking our nations. He is carrying our AA. Can we use spy attacks against him is there a procedure for doing this. The nation is http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=202674

Thank you for your time

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this is not for us to decide its for your leaders to.

Actually, it's for the Mods to decide.

We're having the same problem. We have nation that is ghosting our Alliance as well. This nation is a punk nation as it's using our Alliance to shield himself from WAPA. What makes this nation punk is that he's in peace mode. No one can attack him. The only way to hurt this guy is spy attacks but according to the rules on spying...

"Rules about spy slot filling: Intra alliance spy operations are not permitted. This is deemed as spy slot filling and nations involved will receive an in-game warning. If nations are caught using spy operations on nations in an alliance they are allied to in the course of an inter alliance war they will receive an in-game warning for illegal spy slot filling. This is detailed in the Cyber Nations forums Game Rules Thread as well as line 16 of the site Terms and Conditions."

With that said... does anyone have any ideas how I can rid our Alliance of this idiot???

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you could have your attacking nations change their AA to "<alliance> ghost hunters" or something like that

or you could ask an ally to kill him

Um... he's in peace mode.. you can't kill him... no one can. Like I said... he's a punk!

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Just keep spying off his infra, you can ZI him.

I really like the input that everyone is giving, but spying off his infra isn't going to work either!

If either party in a spy operation is in peace mode the aggressor may only engage in non-destructive operations (green text below).

# Incite Government Propaganda (New desired government randomly chosen) = $100,000 + (3 x enemy nation strength)

# Incite Religious Propaganda (New desired religion randomly chosen) = $100,000 + (3 x enemy nation strength)

# Change DEFCON Level (New level randomly chosen) = $150,000 + (5 x enemy nation strength)

# Change Threat Level (New level randomly chosen) = $150,000 + (1 x enemy nation strength)

# Gather Intelligence (See money reserves, non-secret trade partners, etc...) = $200,000 + (1 x enemy nation strength)

This guy is in peace mode... you can't declare war... you can't perform non-destructive SpyOps... you can't do anything.

Once again... is there anything else that anyone can think of rather than filing a formal complaint with the mods. I don't know if what he's doing is considered cheating, but it's definitely affecting my Alliance's gameplay. It's to the point that because this guy was such a d1ck in the past, people have attacked other members within the Alliance thinking that we endorse this guy.

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