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Username/pw not recognized


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When I click a link in an outside forum that references something ingame (a nation's info, eg), I get to the login screen but can go no further. Even when I'm already logged into the game, I can't get to the link information. The login screen comes up, and it tells me my username/password aren't known.

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The link is <a href="http://www.cybernations.net" target="_blank">http://www.cybernations.net</a>. Other folks use these links just fine, so it might be something in my net settings (??) I can log into the game just fine, if I go directly to the game. Just doesn't work from an ingame item link.

I'd like to ask a question here to hopefully resolve your possible issues, do you sit behind any type of content filtering system? if so the solution would be an exception in the rules of said system allowing http://cybernations.net and http://www.cybernations.net

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