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Possible $6 million$ attainable in ring


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If you have 2 out of these 4 (oil uranium lumber marble) resources, you are eligible for 6 million dollars. Pink team is NOT necessary.

Simple really. I need replacements for at least lumber and marble, possibly oil and uranium.(because pink is empty, and there's two inactive members in my trade ring) If you join the ring you get 3 million dollars a week later (6 million if you join alliance as well, but I don't know if I should be saying this in 'trading harbour').

Minimum 30 day membership, or you owe the money back. Feel free to ask for anything upon being accepted, and feel free to bargain(anything, time frame, payment, etc.). Pink team is not necessary although much preferred. Switching to another sphere is an option for our ring members (or if some disagree, I am sure I can convince them). may be an option for myself.

BONUSES:Steel Automobiles Beer Construction Asphalt Scholars(with 90%+literacy rate)

PINK POWER! (or not if necessary)

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