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Looking for an alliance

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Hello all,

My name's Florian :awesome: and I'm a britton living in Lyon, France. My nation is (almost) 3 months all, and I know my way around the mechanicks of Cybernations (I've read al lot about it on fansites and the wikia). (If you would like to know about my country then cybernation search "The European Union" under the leadership of King Emperor Florian I). I am a good player, and though I go out a lot (my parents would say too much XD) and study, now I'm looking for a another kind of game experience, that is, joining an alliance.

I'd really like to join an alliance, possibly not too big, one that would give me the opportunity to progress (both in nation developement and rank, I'm used to lead an alliance and assume diplomatic functions a long time ago in Ogame). I applied to become part of the New Polar Alliance, but I'm the process of withdrawing my application. I don't like imperialist alliances (ie: alliances lead by a hierachy and an emperor) nor do I like too big ones. Oh yeah, and should I mention not homophic. As a famous Peter put it, I'm more like the fix up your house guy not the omg look at them here they come guy.

Idealy, I'd like to become part of an alliance that does not have the ambition to attract thousands of members but instead focus on a dozen member, that could form a community and in long term become friends, that's probably the most important criteria to me. I'd be glad to receive propositions from alliances that fit into this.

Cheers ! :rolleyes:

ps: going out for some time tonight i'll check this thread when i come back, and please don't send me automated messages...

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We are everything that you just said. The United Alliance is run by a council of five members, each who have a duty to care of a certain area of the alliance. One of the positions on that council is open, and you could fill it.

We are a new alliance - almost one month old and only have 7 members. We do not care one bit about stats, as much as we want to grow and succeed as an alliance, our main priority is to have fun. We dont mind a good old fight now and then but we prefer to keep the peace and make lots of lovely allies along the way.

Also, may I just say I'm British myself so you won't feel alone :P If you would like to ask us any questions about our alliance or apply simply go to our forums: http://z9.invisionfree.com/UnitedAlliance/index.php?act=idx

Have fun playing

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Well - by what you've said, I think our alliance can more than accommodate your needs.

The United Coalition of Alliances was developed a few months ago by the merging of the Union of Allied Nations and the Coalition of Independent Nations. Currently, we have 30 active members.

What makes our alliance different is simple:

-Every member has a vote in the Senate

-All membership can run for leadership positions

-We are greatly diplomatic

We offer many opportunities for you to learn and grow, and we aren't a huge alliance with a emperor. Come and check us out. I'll answer any questions you have.


Mark Thomas

President & Defense Secretary

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I invite you to check out our recruitment thread and see what the Argolis Alliance is about--->Argolis Recruitment Thread

If you like what you see so far, then come join us.We are a brand new alliance,and are recruiting citizens,new and old.We also have government positions open,as well.

If you have any questions,or wish to come say hi,our forums can be found here: Argolis

Have a great day.

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Please consider NATO. We are a midsized alliance with 250 members led by a democratic government. We are not homophobic and are welcoming to all. We also have lolcats.

People who are active are rewarded and it is possible to move up fast.

Recruitment thread: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=19191

I'd also advise you about joining an alliance of less than 10 members unless they're a protectorate. Some alliances use a threshold for tech raiding of less than 10.

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Well, as you're apparently looking for a mid-sized alliance, I would invite you to join The Centurion Brotherhood. We have grown quite a bit recently and now have almost 100 members and a Nation Strength of over 1,200,000.

However, our activity level has suffered a little in the past, so we're especially looking for more active new members, which would be able to grow into the community of dedicated players that is TCB. We would help you with growing at our utmost ability. Our most important government body, the Senate, is elected every other month and in case you wanted, you could run for it as well.

So, if you have any questions, PM me or check z3.invisionfree.com/tcb_forums.


Czaress Jana

Director of Recruitment

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