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Looking for an alliance


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I just started the game and am looking for an alliance. Here is what I would like.

1. Be situated on the Blue Team, I chose this team because it has the most people and therefore should be easier to get same team trades.

2. Don't spam me with bottomless pits of foreign aid, I do not care for this at all. I would like to build up my nation by myself and enjoy the process of doing it.

3. Be 50 members or less, I don't much care for big alliances.

4. I don't really want to join a peace situated alliance, I would prefer to join an alliance who would be willing to go to war as that is more interesting.

That's just the basics, thanks.

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Hi there. We are the United Alliance, a new alliance with only 6 members.

We are blue team based and do not dish out cash as a 'start-up'.

We have recently been involved in a war with the RNU in which the UA was victorious, and should another situation like that come up again, we will attempt to do everything to resolve it, otherwise war!

If you have any questions please dont be worried to ask them on our forums: http://z9.invisionfree.com/UnitedAlliance/index.php?

If you wish to apply sign up on the forum also.


Jack the great

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