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Are you a small new alliance in need of some more members? Are you a relatively large one but your rewcruitment video sucks, or even worse - you don't have one? Then let us rebrand your alliance.

We make new recruitment videos, develop promotion campaigns, better HTML for your forums, sort out your alliance Wikia page, help you with your forum and give guidance on recruitment messages and other ideas to make your alliance a better place that more people will want to join and stay.

But the best part, all it costs is in game cash to have this done. Plus, you don't pay anything until you're happy with whats been made. No real cash or any sort of deals of any kind, just pure price tags in cash depending on what you want doing. We can give your alliance a whole new theme, or you can request a certain style or manner which you want us to work around to provide you the best promotion possible.

Now I bet you're thinking, oh yeah, this is just gonna cost me millions. Actually we can make you a brand new recruitment video and doesn't cost the world, prices start at just $2,000,000. Take a look at our price list, no catches, just pure honest work in exchange for cash. Sounds fair eh?


New Recruitment Video $2,000,000

New Customised* Recruitment Video $3,000,000

New Forum Codes $1,000,000

New Forum organisation and assistance with building $1,500,000

New Alliance Logo (Standard) $1,500,000

New Alliance Logo (Premium)** $2,500,000

New Alliance Flag $2,000,000

Alliance Wikia Page Creation $1,000,000

Alliance Wikia Page Improvement $500,000

+ Regular Updates $500,000

New/Better Recruitment Message $1,000,000

Full Promotional Campaign (Standard) $3,000,000

Full Promotional Campaign (Premium)** $6,000,000

Total Alliance Rebrand and Full Promotional Campaign (EVERYTHING!) $12,000,000

*With a new standard RV we create then you get one look and tell us anything you want to change, we do so then thats it. Customised you can change whatever you like as many times as you like.

**Premium just means we'll work a lot longer and a lot harder to get things just right to suit you and your alliance.

All recruitment videos are then hosted by us on YouTube to save you the hassle, and then we send you the embed codes and it's all yours.


If so either PM me ingame (Jack the great), or reply to this thread stating your alliance name, your name and your position in the alliance, finally what you are requesting.

How long it will take for your order to be ready depends on what you are asking and how long it takes to get it right for you.

Edited by Jack the great
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