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Krew Bracia

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Our Charter/Constitution


We the nations of Krew Bracia mutually agree to aid and defend one another in times of peace and war. Our mission is to grow and prosper as individuals and alliance. We look to help anyone who joins us in growing and prospering.We work together to insure that all nations feel welcome and not worry about anything that may happen to them. We will work towards being a safe haven for nations that are looking for a solid alliance that they can depend on in times of need in RL or CN.


We are a multi-colored team,however yellow is suggested.


Any nation that attacks any member of Krew Bracia shall be delt with the full force of Krew Bracia(military or in certain cases diplomacy). However,nukes shall not be used against the attacking nation unless the attacking nation engages in nuclear warfare first.If any Krew Bracia member attacks another nation without required permission then they will be labeled a rogue and dealt with immediately. Defense will be dealt with the co-founders until a Master of the Armed Forces can be elected. Tech Raiding is for experienced members only,and you must have permission from the co-founders or the Master of the Armed Forces to tech raid.There shall be a Luitenent-Master of the Armed Forces who has day to day duties in the defense department,who may fill in if the Master of Armed Forces is away with a reason or prior notice(see Elections for more detail).


No nation under any circustance shall commit espionage for or against Krew Bracia.Any nation caught doing so will be permanently ZI'ed. Also any alliance who commits espionage against Krew Bracia is commiting an act of war and will be dealt with milatarily. Espionage also includes any information leaked through a technical error from the forums,that is used to make Krew Bracia look bad.

Internal Affiars-

Internal Affiars of the alliance shall be delt with by the co-founders of Krew Bracia (CletusJackson or Pres. Suplex) until the Master of Internal Affairs, Judge, Master of Immigration & Naturalization are elected. No member at any time shall be racist, sexist or downright mean to anyone in Krew Bracia or any other Alliance(including none).Any member caught doing so shall be warned if the first offense is not severe, and may be warned a second time at the co-founders discrecion however at three strikes,or a severe enough case,you shall be banned and placed on the ZI list. A member may request a trial in which the Judge will preside over to determine whether or not a member be banned,or whether there was no offense at all.


All nations are asked to give to others in Krew Bracia,however it will be up to the Master of the Treasury to set up:Aid Chains, Banker Nations, Trade Circles,and tech deals. The Master of the Mint shall also help with aid related issues,while the Master of Commerce shall help with trade circles. All aid will be subjected to the co-founders and Master of Treasury's and Master of Mint's veto,if a nation becomes a rougue or leaves the alliance before aid is sent(tech deals will be completed if you leave the alliance).

Foreign Affairs-

Foriegn affairs shall be dealt with by the Master of Foreign Affairs. CletusJackson will have the final say on all diplomats. To become a diplomat any applicant must be tested and review by Master of Foreign affairs and CletusJackson.Foriegn Affairs will sign all treaties and there will be a Master of Diplomats in charge of diplomats.


Elections shall occur every three months for every position other than Co-Founder(CletusJackson and PresidentSuplex).In the case of an empty office,elections will be held no less then two weeks after,and while the position is empty the co-founders will be in charge of said position.

An elected offical may be removed from office for breaking the law of this constitution,or being inactive for 2 weeks without giving prior warning. The impeachment process consists with a majority vote of the co-founders and the elected officals(upper and lower).In the event of a tie,the breaker will be a vote by the people of Krew Bracia,but only after all relevent information is givien to the people


Government officals have a place of honor at Krew Bracia. Government officials make everything work smoothly and they are role models for new players. Being so it is up to the elected government officals to portray the alliance in its best light and to guide members to be the best they can be,both in CN and RL. That said being a government official is a PRIVLEGE and if you abuse your power you shall be removed from office,and possibly the alliance.



President Suplex

Upper Masters:

Master of Treasury

Master of Armed Forces

Master of Internal Affairs

Master of Foriegn Affairs

Lower Masters-

Luitenent Master of Armed Forces

Master of Diplomats

Master of the Mint

Master of Commerce

Master of Naturalization and Immigration

The Judge

This Constitution was written by Cooksonthegreat and CletusJackson


Anybody is welcome to join. All must abide by our charter though. Any violations are subject to punishment.

Forums: http://s1.zetaboards.com/Krew_Bracia/index/

Questions about joining just PM me in CN


Founder of KB

Ex-Illuminati Government

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Join Today and you won't be dissapointed. We are like family here. You won't find better, maybe equals but no betters. Not mentioning any names. ;) ;)

/o Scotland Forever

/o Illuminati

/o The Order of the Black Rose

/o Alpha Omega

/o Greenland Republic

Edited by CletusJackson
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