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Low Population?


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Anyway, at one point, after buying some Infra, I went to my Improvements Screen, and saw that I had -1 Improvement slots. Now that I don't get. Anyway, I went on for a while and today, I went past 2300 Infra, and my population seemed to decrease. it just rounded off a 1K, and I was going to buy another improvement, but now I can't. I have over 2.3K levels of Infra, but only 21K people. Not to mention I have improvements and resources that increase my population. And no, I did not loose any trades, change government, have any events, or anything. Just bought some infra.

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the population bonus for land size has been changed recently, and your nation misses the most important population boosters:

- you have no fish

- you have no wheat

- you also have only 2 clinics and no wonders that boost population

From a rough estimation, you should have a bit over 21k citizen with that setup, and that is exactly what you have.

with wheat and fish you would have more then 24k citizen, think about that :)

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the admin has not revealed the complete formula yet, and because I do not know if this is intentionally, I cannot tell you.

I can just say that 1 point of infra brings LESS then 10 citizens (base), so your 2360 infra would need a LOT of modificators to equal 23600 citizens. And you just have too few of them and lack the both most powerful. also your land size is very small, so you cant expect a big bonus from that as well.

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land brings 0.2 citizen per mile. the rest of the population formula has not been changed for a long time, so either your memory tricks you or you heard wrong informations earlier or the information you heard assumed that this nation already has 5clinics and a hospital and way more land then yours.

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