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Event effects doubled.

Lord Batra

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I notice you have sugar and wheat through trades - the land bonuses for those two resources recently got removed (see game updates). That may be why you're down 20% instead of just 10%.

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I also just received this event, and it does appear to be behaving incorrectly.

At current times, the only resource which impacts land that I have is Coal, which is +15% land.

Before the event, I had the following:

4,689.986 mile diameter.

3,820.612 in purchases, 573.092 in modifiers, 296.282 in growth

After the event, I have this:

3,643.444 mile diameter.

3,820.612 in purchases, -443.822 in modifiers, 266.654 in growth

This is a reduction of far more than 10%

The 10% is being applied internally to the growth numbers (ie, 296.282*.9=266.654).

Purchased land is not being impacted at all.

However, the modifiers number is blatantly incorrect. If the net amount was additive, then the new modifiers number should be 191.0306, or 5% instead of 15%. If they were multiplied together, then the sum of the modifier and the purchased should be 3954.33342, or a modifier of 133.72142.

Truthfully, I'm not sure where the new modifier number is coming from. The equation appears to be taking roughly 10% of purchased+modified from the original, then subtracting that amount from my purchased only - it is removing the bonus benefits of the coal, but the numbers aren't exactly right. Regardless, no matter how you slice it, the numbers don't add up appropriately.


Following this post, I accepted an offer which included rubber, which is supposed to (in turn) add 20% to land area. My land is now the following:

4,276.137 mile diameter.

3,820.612 in purchases, 188.871 in modifiers, 266.654 in growth

I no longer have negative modifiers, but if coal adds 15% and rubber 20%, with the current numbers, I'm getting less than a 5% increase.

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To act as a bump of sorts, more numbers.

I have coal and rubber, along with this event. Currently:

4,298.439 mile diameter.

3,840.612 in purchases, 189.823 in modifiers, 268.004 in growth

I purchase 20 miles of land:

4,318.311 mile diameter.

3,860.612 in purchases, 189.695 in modifiers, 268.004 in growth

Growth doesn't change, as expected. Purchased increases by 20, as expected. Modifiers decreases by .128 miles. According to the event, it's supposed to reduce total land by 10% - as was shown in my previous numbers, the growth numbers are accounted for internally, purchased land is not impacted. If there was no event, my land should have increased by 20*1.15*1.2 because of the coal and rubber, or 27.6 miles. With 10% from total land being removed, this means that 2.76 miles should have been removed from that total, for a total growth of 24.84 miles, or 4.84 mile increase to the modified count.

Edit: Just realized I never provided a link to my nation

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I also have this event and am suffering the same effects. Here is my nation link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=122730.

I currently only have spices to raise my land area and with the event I have:

2,847.792 mile diameter.

3,300.000 in purchases, -608.715 in modifiers, 156.506 in growth

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It seems a lot closer, but I'm not certain it's right - I've not really looked into land modifiers in the past, so I'm operating off of assumptions for howthis part of the game works :) Let me walk through what my expectations for how I think this event behaves.

The 10% for growth is removed from the growth number itself, so we can consider that an aside. The purchased land doesn't change. Resources only impact purchased land, and would not be considering natural growth. Therefore, total land (minus natural growth) would be (purchased land)*(modifiers)*(.9 for the event), and we would subtract out purchased land to get the modified land. So for me:

4,824.599 mile diameter.

3,860.612 in purchases, 695.984 in modifiers, 268.004 in growth

3860.612*1.15*1.2*.9 = 4794.880104 total without natural growth -3860.612 = 934.268 miles modifier, which still doesn't match up. But as mentioned, that's operating under a potentially flawed assumption about how the event should work.

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