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selling donation for $12 million

Eden Taylor

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already sold.

yea, i'm selling a donation for either your choice of march or april on any date at any time whenever you want it after 2 p.m. today. however, i have a specific sequence for payment:

first payment on the 22nd, second payment on the 25th to a nation other than myself for the purposes of middlemanning, third payment on the 1st of april to me, and fourth payment on the 6th of april to the same middleman as the second payment.

it's nothing fancy, just working it into a LC swapping/3 month anniversary for happyness bonuses stuff, but that does mean that the dates are necessarily exact.

PM me in game if you'd like the donation, the first one gets it of course, but be sure to read the payment schedule. i'll edit this to 'already sold' when someone gets the deal.


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