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Land and Env modification Fix.


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I agree that the change made is correct.

But the fix that was implemented takes away the indicator that you have too many borderwalls.

The way that it was showed that you had excess borderwalls like this.

Environment: 1.00

Global Radiation: 1.37

Now it shows this if you have the correct amount or you have to many.

Environment: 2.37

Global Radiation: 1.37

How about a warning or something that says this borderwall will not effect you envionment.


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Border walls were never suppose to effect GRL as detailed in the border wall description on the information index.

Yes, we all agree that borderwalls were broken.

But the fix for it currenty makes it impossible to know that you have too many borderwalls.

If you change your goverment or resources it is possible to improve your environment

to a point that negates the need for some quanitity of borderwalls.

The new change requires you to destroy a borderwalls one after the other until

your environment worsens and then you know you need one more borderwall

and then you get to buy one back.

That just seems wrong.

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That is what I had to do this last improvement-switch... buy a wall, check income and collection.... buy again....then destroy one and check again.

I stopped at the 2.37/1.37 thinking it was right, but that may be a coincidence.

After reading this forum's comments today, I checked the environment and found the numbers to be 2.2/1.2 so I set off on a mission to see if I had the correct number of walls again. Yes, I destroyed one to see what effect it would have on income; the effect was bad so I knew I needed to buy the wall back. The good news is that I put the 1 improvement spot that opened up to good use and bought a church before re-purchasing the borderwall. Now the income is up $1.33 per citizen! Trouble is that this is a tedious and expensive way to determine how many walls are needed.

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