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Infrastucture and wonders


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I was doing some calculations and came up with this

with a type E trade (Aluminum, coal, iron, lead, lumber, marble, oil, rubber, water, wheat, gold,*)you get 42% less inf cost,

with interstate you get 8% less,

with 5 factories you get 40% less,

monarchy 5% less

totaling 95%

with the most recent addition to wonders the Scientific Development Center lowers it another 10%


* last one is economic and doesn't matter (normally gems, fish, or wine)

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You have an error in your math because you're using the wrong formula. Each is a modifier and are multiplied against each other. The only item on your list that stacks (gets added together) are the five factories. So it actually looks like this:

(Base Infrastructure Cost)*(Aluminum)*(Coal)*(Iron)*(Lumber)*(Marble)*(Rubber)*(Construction)*(Steel)

*(Interstate)*(Factories)*(Monarchy)*(SDC) = Actual Infrastructure Cost

Which calculates out to:

(Base Infrastructure Cost)*.92*.96*.95*.94*.90*.97*.95*.98*.92*.60*.95*.90 = Actual Infrastructure Cost or

(Base Infrastructure Cost)*.3025 = Actual Infrastructure Cost

So you're actually getting close to a 70% discount for the configuration you're showing, not 105%.

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