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Income is to low


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I don't what happend but something is wrong with my income.


How u can see is the happiness at 83.51 but the Avg. Gross Income only at $274.65 .

It's a ratio of 3,2 but i think normally it must be 4,15 with all improvements.

I have all set right goverment, defcon , no guerilla camps. Something is wrong!

Link to my nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...Nation_ID=85400

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you should have $135 tax with your current setup.

$135 * 0.6 = $81, this matches closely to what you have now. Were you in anarchy 3 days ago and your Gov was restored to normal today? Then it is a "hangover" of one day, which always comes into effect after you have been anarchied.

I just ask, because the income modification for anarchied nations is 0.6 ~_~. It would fit.

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