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European Union


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The European Union is a yellow team alliance(you can get exception).


IRC Channel: #euro on Coldfront

European Union Charter


Be it enacted that the nations of the European Union shall have as the following articles a charter governing

Article I – Membership

a) Any nation may apply for membership

b ) No nation may be a member of any other alliance also

c) The Alliance team shall be Yellow

i) Forever and Ever

ii) Exception may be granted for the purposes of trading

iii) Only with permission from the appropriate authorities

d) Any member of the alliance maybe expelled for acts of treason, these include: -

i) Attacking without permission from the appropriate authorities

ii) Forum spying

iii) Diverting funds from their designated course

Article II – The Executive


i) Supreme Executive and Judicial power is invested in the President

ii) The President may amend the Charter only through Regulations

iii) The President may present bills to be considered by parliament for Regulations

iv) The President may issue Directives as they see fit

v) The President must give assent to all Regulations and Directives

vi) The President is responsible for the appointment of Ministers and the Vice-President

vii) If a President resigns, dies or is declared MIA a new President will be selected by the Parliament and the Commission (including the Vice-President) form amongst the Commission (including the Vice-President)

viii) The President may dissolve Parliament in a crisis

ix) The President is responsible for signing treaties

x) Where it is not provided for in this Charter or in any Regulations or Directives the President shall ex officio be empowered to undertake or delegate responsibility for actions concerning the well being of the alliance as they arise


i) Shall assist the President

ii) Shall exercise Presidential powers either in the absence of or on the instruction of the President

iii) The Vice-President shall be able to introduce bills in their own right

iv) The Vice-President shall be able to suggest Directives in their own right, but must seek the approval of the President unless Art.II.b.ii. applies

c) The Commission of Ministers

i) The Ministers shall be appointed by the President or the Vice-President in accordance with Art.II.b.ii.

ii) Ministers shall sit in the Commission which shall be the main Executive Committee

iii) Ministers shall be given a portfolio by the one appointing them, though this may change over time

Article III – Legislature

a) The European Parliament shall be the main legislative Chamber

b ) It shall have four seats

c) Elections shall be held monthly

d) Only two seats shall be open for election each month and shall alternate which seats are up for election

e) Members shall be able to introduce bills

f) The Parliament shall concern itself with the internal workings of the alliance

Article IV - Legislation


i) Bills are introduced into the Parliament by Members of the Parliament or higher

ii) Any member of the alliance may ask members of Parliament to introduce certain bills

iii) Once Parliament has approved it then it goes before the Commission

iv) The Commission primarily consider the practicalities of the bill

v) It is then taken to the President (or Vice-President when permitted in Art.II.b.ii.) for approval


i) Directives may be drafted by Ministers, the Vice-President and the President

ii) Directives only require the approval of the President or Vice-President in accordance with Art.II.b.ii.

iii) Directive may concern any aspect of the alliance except the Charter which may only be amended by Regulation






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