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Allied States Commune

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(Official) "Prosperity, Stregnth, And Glory Through Unity"

(Unofficial) "ASC not what your Alliance Can Do For you... ASC what you can do for your Alliance!!!"

Hello I am One of The Founders of The ASC (Allied States Commune) We are a new alliance looking for members.

Here is our wiki page:

<a href="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Allied_States_Commune" target="_blank">http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/Allied_States_Commune</a>

About The Allied States Commune:

The Allied States Commune was founded by the leaders of Port Haven and the Italian Empire, Dalton Freedman and Gavino Vaxx. The alliance has been slowly growing ever since. The main goal of the alliance is to provide a alternative to the huge beaucratic mega alliances that run the game. The alliance is very laid back un regulated and has a laseiz Faire type attitude to most aspects of the alliance. Member states are free to do whatever they please and can be part of any team since there is no official team for the alliance. At the same time the member states are able to recieve finacial and defensive assistance and tips for playing the game, but this is a member to member based system not alliance based in other words Its out of charity and kindness not a investment. The alliance does not impose any form of control over its member states and does not have any formal alliance based diplomatic agreements. The alliance is run by its two founders mentioned earlier who are equal in power with neither more powerful then the other or able to over rule the others decisions. The alliance is always open to new members esspecially those seeking the benefits of an alliance without having to worry about the pains of going through forums reading and filling out endless papers and taking stupid exams just to be able to fully enjoy some benefits of that alliance. And then having to follow every rule and regulation the alliance demands of you. If you are interested in joining please contact Gavino Vaxx Of The Italian Empire or Dalton Freedman of Port Haven. All are welcome even disregarding past histories.

You may also post a application to join here or ask any questions and post comments all will be answered as quickly as possible.

Thank You

Gavino Vaxx :jihad:

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