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Six Months Bonus?

Crimson King

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Ah, yes on the bonus for six months (180/181 days depending on your nation's start time), but the bonus for for it is +4 happiness not +2 as indicated above.

one week (7 days) = +2

two weeks (14 days) = +2

three weeks (21 days) = +2

one month (30 days) = +2

two month (60 days) = +2

three months (90 days) = +3

six months (180 days) = +4

one year (365 days) = +5

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My understanding is that if your nation was created before 12:00 noon, you'll get the bonus on that day. (ie, day 7, 14, 180, etc.)

But if your nation was created after noon, you get the bonus on the next day. (Day 8, 15, 181, etc.)

I'm not sure about the 21 day bonus listed above. All of the others match what I've been told.

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