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The Righteous Fist (TRF)


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The Righteous Fist


The Righteous Fist is a fairly new alliance, only two months old currently. Since the alliance began, we have signed several treaties with respected, well established, CN alliances including the Communist Party of Cyber Nations, The Old Guard, TelF, LotR, and others.

TRF's main mission to seek peaceful relations with friendly alliances while working to provide a safe haven for nations who value freedom, equality, and justice. TRF is governed by five Council Members elected by the General Assembly. The Council initially votes on all issues regarding the alliance, HOWEVER should even a single member of TRF's General Assembly wish to challenge a decision made by the council, then said issue would be placed up for a majority vote by the entire membership of TRF, regardless of seniority or NS. This vote would determine the course of action and supersedes all other authority.

This right of every TRF member is our way of assuring that the members each have an equal say in the future of their alliance.

If you are interested in joining The Righteous Fist, please post your membership application in the "Enlistment" section of our forums.

TRF Forums




TRF Membership FAQ

What can TRF offer to new recruits?

-$1,500,000 Start-Up Aid

-Protection: TRF is protected by Old Guard

-War Aid

-Access to TRF Scholarship Aid: $$ for improvements, military, & even infrastructure

-Arranged Tech Deals w/ Allies: Great way to grow fast in CN!

Why even have a council?

While creating TRF, we wanted to have the efficiency and legitimacy that an established leadership brings, while also making absolutely sure that no one member's opinion would go unheard and that every member would ultimately have an equal share of the power.

The Council consist of the elected department heads of TRF (ie. Peoples Council on Defense, Peoples Council on Foreign Affairs, Peoples Council on Internal Affairs, Peoples Council on Recruitment, People Council on Finances) Since these nations are involved at the highest level of all issues involving TRF, it makes sense that they, being the most informed people on the subject, initially vote on all issues. This saves a lot of time and helps the alliance to run more efficiently and therefor be more productive.

The council, in reality, has an equal voice as every other member should someone choose to challenge their decision.

[align=center]**Have a question that isn't listed? Please feel free to contact me (Seixas) anytime**[/align]

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