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missing 3mil

King duffman

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I purchased 6000 troops and 1200 tanks 25 lvl4 aircraft and it cost me 3million by the time i got back to my nation screen

now by my calculations these purchases should of only cost me 700k at the most so any idea where the other 2.3 million went to

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did you aid somebody and forgot about it because they had not accepted it in along time. then suddenly accepted it?

This is the most likely answer. Another could be a defcon manipulation, a lost trading partner who had lead for example or . . . as unlikely as it may seem a bug. :unsure:

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I haven t lost any trade or sent any aid out that i forgot. I thought that i was wrong as well but im meant to have a 10day war chest and i didn't spend any unnecessary money

As for the 3 million i couldn't care bout it any more but if its a bug id hate someone else to go through the same thing. As i can ask for 3mill and get it from my alliance if it was needed

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