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BUYERS NEEDED for tech square signup! Easy 100/$6mil same day! 🥳


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**update** spot for May 15th has been filled! Please lemme know if anyone is interested in future squares (next one May 25th)**


Hello, lovely souls of CN! The citizens of Penguinlandia are pleased to announce that THE DEATH EATERS are coordinating their first-ever tech squares on May 15th! Woohooo! 


What is a tech square, you may ask? In principle, it is an easy way of sending $ AND receiving tech SAME DAY! No need to wait 10 days for the aid slot to expire, depend on irresponsible tech sellers to fall through on deals or send tech late, etc... we are bringing back the CN days of old!


We have an uneven world market with a higher ratio of buyers to sellers-- but tech squares will help even the playing field and increase the population of active (and responsible) seller nations! I have signed up several very eager seller nations and have a system in place to ensure tech is sent on time (same day) and the deals are completed for the tech square. We have more sellers than buyers atm, so we are looking for some more buyers (and also anyone interested in future squares).


How it works: 

BUYER #1 --> $6mil to SELLER #1

BUYER #2 --> $6mil to SELLER #2

SELLER #1 --> 100tech to BUYER #2 same day

SELLER #2 --> 100tech to BUYER #1 same day 


There is no nonsense of who can buy from whom in cello's techytech square-- everyone is welcome to participate, regardless of alliance or non-alliance affiliation! :wub: 


We have our first square set up for May 15th, but are in need of one buyer with 4 slots OR two buyers with 2 open slots to participate! Please comment here, visit our discord chan, or message me ingame if interested 🥰



(Also photo cred goes to the wonderful Knights of the Grail 🥰❤)


Lots of love!



**side note: seller nations with the wonder will sell tech for $9mil/100 tech. Currently at this time, all of our seller nations on the square are only $6mil, but price is subject to change for future squares depending on the nations involved).

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