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Accuracy of Votes by Alliance

Lord Hershey

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I believe there may be a bug relating whether votes being cast from an alliance web page is accurate or not.

Looking at one instance here below:




WS has a few nations already voted but yet the link is showing that WS as an alliance has not voted at all, I have looked at nations like Sinclair and Grady The Great who clearly have already casted their votes. I am uncertain if this is a bug or not.


This also raises a question whether accuracy of votes being counted in each alliance is accurate at all?

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I may have realized an error from my end, are the votes from an alliance where for a potential senator residing within casted for? Because I think that’s what it is.

I suppose it is not a bug but perhaps it may be nice to have a tool to see where the votes are coming from rather than clicking on each nation’s or a potential senator’s nation activity log.


You may disregard this report.

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