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Alliance Wonders/Bonuses/Achievements


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In order to re invigorate the team dynamic that TE is, I have a suggestion.


Grant the ability for Alliances to create some type of Wonder or Monument or whatever you are going to call it. These could include economic benefits or military, spy, infra upkeep or all sorts of other SMALL benefits.


There should also be some sort of "wonder clock" on these, and perhaps some sort of "milestones" need to be reached in order to get them. Anything like soldiers lost in war, total tech, total infra, many small milestones could be used. These should also be relatively easy to earn, and any say 10 to 15 man alliance should still be able to reasonably gain the same "bonuses" that a large 30 man AA would get for fairness.


So for example; After an Alliance has achieved 1 million soldiers (lost or killed does it matter?) they can then create a "National War Memorial" which gives a small military upkeep bonus say 3-5% and perhaps 3-5% ground odds.


Economically? the wonder or project could give a small infra discount on purchase and upkeep. thresholds could be anything like a small total infra or and infra lost/destroyed figure.

A small happiness boost could be another.

A spying boost is another option.


We could have say 3 categories of "Alliance Wonders" and you cant have more than 3, so if you want to change them thats fine.

Keep the balance, but give more for alliances to work towards perhaps.


Also thank you for the 5 day wonder return @admin

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