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Raiding and War Peace being sent 5/31

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Announcing D1 will be sending peace on 5/31 to all existing Wars and Raids.  We will continue a grace period for 12 days as so everyone can recover.  Jun 12 will be opening day again!





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Yo Skully

You will see a whole new Raiding edition begin on the 12th or just after.  Plenty of time for a plan, if you rather war with nukes fine we can arrange that.  How-ever Raids never include Nukes unless you start the nuking.  


Our Plan is made how about you!






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Yo All

You were given some time to mend your wounds, I think it's been enough time.  The tears and smears will be forgotten after D1 spanks all!  Formally we will begin to move on warring, our Spy Op's identified who's who!  You can expect wars and or Raids to be declared most everyone!   


D1 will be coming for you all!  Good Luck with your strategy we intend to keep our record of winning stats!  





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