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Bills Restoration

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I haven't been on here since 2015 and was hoping to jump back into it. I noticed that the bills section is enormous and population is pretty much all gone. Is there a way to restore that?



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If you sell all your infrastructure, improvements and military your bills should become zero.

1. Get money through Foreign Aid (e.g. sell tech, buyers usually pay upfront).

2. Sell all your infra, improvements, military (don't care about Anarchy, you'll be fine).

3. Pay your (zero) bills.

4. After three days switch to a better government (probably Monarchy).

5. After other seven days (ten days total), pay again your (zero) bills.

6. Buy infra, improvements, military (get guidance on this). Collect taxes.

7. Buy 100 tech (get guidance) and make a 100 tech Foreign Aid offer to each of the nations that sent you the money for it.

8. When some withdraws the tech, buy 100 levels again and repeat #8.

9. Etc.

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