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Horus Lytton

Wonders list line breaks

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I went over to the wonders screen recently to see what wonders I could develop. One of the things I've just noticed, and probably ignored before, was that there is a line break on the list. It's between Federal Reserve and the Foreign Air Force Base wonders.

Quickly perusing the source code of the site, I easily noticed this part of the code:

<td width="20" valign="top" height="72">

All other categories simply have this string:

<td width="20" valign="top">

The [height="72"] code is removed, which is apparently the value which affects the spacing which appeared on the page. Removing that should streamline it better. I haven't checked, but I am also sure it will not be an issue with CSS interfering once that is rectified. I can't say why that code is there, or for whatever reason that was overlooked. Clearly somehow it's there.

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