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The Totally Tubular Information Pact

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We present to you The Totally Tubular Information Pact


Article I:

The Protectorate and The Order Of Tenebris agree to maintain peace between each other and not enact aggressive action on each other. 


Article II:

Both parties are in agreement to share vital information that is in regards to a threat towards an alliance.


Article III:

Alliances take part in commisioned aid and trade between each other for mutual benefit.



Signed For The Protectorate:


Overseer Pjk11


Minister Of Foreign Affairs Diadochi


Minister of Internal Affairs Sycora


Minister Of War Alonso Quixano



Signed For The Order Of Tenebris:


Dark Knight Of The Order Roal36



o/ The Protectorate

o/ Order Of Tenebis

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