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Building the soviet union once again


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my name is TheRedSoviet and I have made this account not so long ago but I myself am a player of almost a year on cybernations.This is my third nation I have made so far.My nation and my alliance have only been made today so anyone reading this, keep it also in mind.Anyone questioning me about donations, I have no means for anything like this at the moment.Regardless of this, more to read below.



NOTE:If you see the title and do not like it, please stop reading and go back.If you like it, please proceed reading.


I have this idea to make an alliance named after the most known communist country, the soviet union, of course.I cannot however have a proper alliance without first recruiting and posting on the CN forum.For the moment, I am looking for nations ranging from the most moderate in strength to the ones with nuclear cabilities.If you think you got what it takes, send me a quick message and you will get a reply anytime during the day.With that being said, I made a little guide to explain 3 topics in detail: the purpose of the alliance, trade circles and becoming a part of it.



Part 1:The purpose of this alliance


The purpose of this alliance is not the most difficult nor the most complex:building a strong alliance with a pleasant atmosphere where everybody would understand and co-operate with eachother.The alliance is set to be like the soviet union, in this case a classless alliance where everybody is equal and helps his next of kin or neighbour the same way they would treat themselves and which is ruled by a head of state whom is a member of the one and only communist party in the whole country.This also means to contribute to the cause, if any member of the alliance gets attacked, it is considered an attack on the whole alliance.If any member is in need of foreign aid or any other help, he should be helped, but no player is meant to abuse the foreign aid system for his own needs and selfishness.The alliance will only retaliate if being provoked by any means.With this part explained, time to explain the next one.



Part 2:Trade circles


I will be very clear on this, if anyone were to join any trade circle, they need to be able to produce 2 specific resources and only trade within the trade circle itself, not outside.


I already came up with a first trade circle in the following order:


Player 1-Uranium and Iron

Player 2-Lead and Oil

Player 3-Lumber and Marble

Player 4-Gold and Jewelry

Player 5-Aluminium and Rubber

Player 6-Fish and Pig


This trade circle has a few advantages that can prove to be extremely good at one point:Increasing the income generated by citizens, having a higher population, lower infrastructure cost, etc. (If you want to know the full advantages, check the CN Index by yourself).




Just as I previously mentioned, trade circles are meant to be 6 nations trading with one another thus having a trade circle.It is recommended to participate in a trade circle but it is up to the user to choose if he wants to participate or not.With this part explained, here is the last one:



Part 3: Becoming a member of the alliance


In order to become a full member of the alliance, you need a few small details checked:


1-You must not be involved in any aggressive wars (A war started by yourself), you must not own any debt to any alliance, prior and after coming here and if your the victim of a defensive war, you may become a member.You must understand that declaring war after joining the alliance without my consent is an automatic ejection.


2-Helping your next of kin means to give him a hand during hard times, if any nation needs your help to defend themselves or have alot of bills to pay, don't stand there and stare at them like a statue.Go up and give them a hand.I'm everyone appriciates when they are given a hand with anything.


3-The Soviet Union is an alliance which seeks diplomatic means to solve any cases but will engage only if provoked by any means of war.



To wrap everything up,

If you think you got what it takes to be a comrade, be sure apply from today in the alliance.Your request may be accepted like denied.You may send me a message at the forum or in CN (my username is TheRedSoviet).


Last but not least, this is not meant to be taken seriously but it is also not meant to be taken foolishly, it is meant to be taken as a mean to play the game in a better and more interesting way.If you have any questions from A to Z regarding my topic, send me a message.


If this topic has been put in the wrong section, please tell a moderator to move it to the right place.


Thank you for taking the time to read my topic,












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