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New Order of the Atlantic's Declaration of Existence


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Self explanatory due to title.

Government is too lazy to post this, so I will I guess...

A wild charter has appeared:


Charter of the Atlantic


We, the nations of the New Order of the Atlantic, agree to promote our national sovereignty, defend our member nations from aggression, and spread our influence over the world in peace.

Article I: Government


The President is the leader of the alliance. (S)he is to be elected from the Atlantic Parliament (The former President replaces the new President on the parliament). The President has the power to veto any Atlantic Parliament decisions excluding the impeachment of a government official (70% + vote on any decision forces passage), create and end alliance relations, accept and reject member nations on a case by case basis, and create government positions (but not destroy them). The President also has the power to make executive orders that can help improve the security of the alliance, however any executive orders can not contradict this Charter. The Atlantic Parliament can challenge any executive order with a 70% + vote. The President is voted on twice a year: once on the 1st of January and once on the 1st of July (a President can't serve more than two consecutive terms). The President can resign at any time, and once resigned, the Vice President becomes the President.

Vice President

The Vice President is the secondary leader of the alliance. (S)he takes over when the President is unable to oversee the alliance or when the President resigns. The Vice President is appointed by the President. The Vice President can resign at any time, if the Vice President resigns then the President appoints a new Vice President.

Atlantic Parliament

The Atlantic Parliament is made up of member nations that have passed the application process, which are voted on by other member nations. As soon as a parliament candidate reaches at least 60% + 1 votes, (s)he is made part of the Atlantic Parliament. Any Parliament members are allowed to vote on resolutions anybody brings up. The Atlantic Parliament will include every government position except military positions. However, a Parliament member may be on a military position. The Parliament can impeach anyone in any government position, and if 75% + 1 of everyone on the Parliament votes to impeach, it is carried out. The Parliament is the only governing body able to declare war on any alliance, and this must be voted on. The Parliament may at most contain 50% + 1 of the alliance's member nations.

Article II: Admission

Any nation wishing to join the New Order of the Atlantic must pass checks by the President and the Vice President. (S)he will then immediately be added to the alliance.

Article III: Removal

Any nation having broken the Law of the Atlantic, which is a separate article, can be removed by anyone with such removal power. Exceptions can be granted by the President and Vice President, and a removal notice with a reason why must be submitted to the President and Vice President 48 hours before removal.

Article IV: Military

The Atlantic Military is everyone. The Military has a Commander in Chief, the leader of the military. In the event of an alliance war, the Commander in Chief is responsible for making a war plan. The Commander in Chief passes or vetoes proposed declarations of war and proposed military related treaties with other alliances (70% + vote forces passage). The Commander in Chief represents the alliance when negotiating military related treaties.

Article V: Defence

The Order of the Atlantic will defend all members of itself and any alliances with which it has a mutual defence treaty. If the alliance has an optional mutual defence treaty, a detailed explanation to defend must be submitted to the Atlantic Parliament, then voted on by the Parliament. If a member nation is attacked, it is expected to report it by making an announcement, if for some reason the attacked nation does not have announcement privileges, it should send a telegram to both the Commander in Chief and the President.

Article VI: Aggression

The Order of the Atlantic will not attack any alliance without a good reason, and will always send a reason why as well as a declaration of war. A good reason will not be sent if the aggression is due to a mutual aggression treaty. However, a declaration of war will be sent.

Article VII: Amendments

This charter may be amended. It will only be amended when the Atlantic Parliament votes to do so.

Hereby establishes the New Order of the Atlantic.

We are protected by the TSK. Once the protectorate treaty is signed, it'll be posted here.

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o/ The New Order of the Atlantic


The Seven Kingdoms recognize the NOA and as per the terms of the below treaty hereby protect them.


In a search of friendship, The Seven Kingdoms (TSK) and The New Order of the Atlantic (NOA) recognize this Protectorate treaty and agree to abide to the terms therein until either signatory decide for its cancellation or the NOA reaches a point where it can act independently as a sovereign alliance.
Article I - Protection and Non-Aggression
If an attack on NOA occurs, TSK shall render military assistance, political assistance, and/or aid where applicable. TSK will not be obliged to get involved if NOA provoked the attack. Both signatories agree to not attack each other. If TSK should come under attack, NOA may assist but is not required to do so.
Article II - Intelligence
Both signatories shall stay in contact with each other and freely share information. TSK is NOA's main resource for guidance and intelligence.
Article III - Foreign Policy
NOA shall not sign any treaty above a PIAT without consulting and having it approved by TSK. NOA shall not enter any war without first consulting with TSK. NOA agrees to conduct themselves in a civil and responsible manner.
Article IV - Cancellation
Should either of the signatories wish for the cancellation of this Protectorate Treaty, the other party shall be informed 48 hours in advance. During these 48 hours before cancellation, all Articles and Terms of the treaty shall remain active. Should any of the signatories come to a grave violation of the treaty, then the other signatory reserves the right to terminate it immediately



Signed for TSK:

David Stilicho - King

Comrade General - Master of Whispers


Signed for NOA:

Cyber Dragon- President

NOA Parliament




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