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Avengers Disassembled

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Hi all,


With round 37 fast approaching (1 hour, I sure am cutting this close), I think it is time to advise that The Avengers will not be returning to TE this round. Any nation that forms the tA alliance is not in any way affiliated or associated with the tA Government (myself, StevieG, DevilDog, and Das), or any of our perceived goals / targets. 


Before people start making assumptions on our reasons for doing so (you're going to do it anyway I know), I think it is important to clarify that this is due to none of our government having the time to run and arrange tA to the extent that is required in order for us to meet the levels we expect. (Entirely from myself I believe our activity levels last round more than emphasise why this is occurring). 


For those who are wondering most of us will still be playing this round to some extent or another but for the time being The Avengers will be dissolved.





de facto MoFA




Let's Split Up Gang!


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I remember when I saw the above comic at the newsstand. It brought a tear to my eye then and did so again today.

We just thought it better to take a round or 2 off than to have a half-assed version of the Mighty Avengers.

Hope you guys understand.

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