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Protectorate of Sovereign Socialist Ententes

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Welcome to the P.O.S.S.E.


We are the newest left leaning cybernations alliance. We enjoy "propaganda" art, talking about all forms of left leaning politics, as well as trying to define liberalism/communal game play in a non-ideologue world. Below you can find our charter/codex/manifesto, or what else you would call it. 


A few bullet points


* We don't have a formal government

*You aren't forced to vacate your previous membership upon joining

*No tiered voting/membership

*Forums are completely open to everyone who is an ally, or member; no secret forums

*Can apply for membership, or asylum


[spoiler]We retain the power of our minds, and our actions to adhere to a certain set of laws, guiding, and defending our ideology. Nations may come, and go, but everyone who comes will be an adherent to our ideals, and everyone who goes legitimately will still hold value within our halls. We are more than just numbers, more than just a group of intellectual thought, we are the revolution we want to see in, and of our nations.

Any leader may come freely of their own choosing, or desire, from any other part of this world. To maintain that we are the only mechanism they will draw upon for their thoughts, and values is disingenuous to the leaders free thought. As a member of free thought, and individuality, we do not force you to be free from your old homes. Thus we do not require you to be a de-masked member of your previous home, you may retain membership in all of it’s rights that your previous home allows you to have under their policies of leaving members. You are a citizen of the world, and we will not force you to forget where you came from, or where you are going. You deserve the right to bring with you all of your experiences, faults, and triumphs.
The only thing we maintain to receive full membership from ourselves is to submit your thoughts to the general well being of the alliance, and to follow a few simple rules to engage freedom of thought, as well as freedom of your nation to rule itself as you see fit. To maintain your sovereignty, you must pledge to uphold other’s sovereignty as you would uphold your own. If you allow another ruler to lose their sovereignty in the alliance, you have no place within our halls.
For documentation purposes that will be explained later on for retaining your place in our abode, you will need to follow a few simple steps so you can enter our grand halls. Follow the guidelines set up in the world passport section of the forums, hereby set forth by the general committee. Thus you will then read, acknowledge the Obey Political Philosophy of the alliance, and sign your name onto it’s ledger, pledging to be a leader who follows, and continues to promote it’s philosophy up till, and further of the day you leave.
Continuation of your admission, and status among the halls of our alliance are subject to a few rules as well. If you break these tenets you forfeit your right to hold, keep, or ever come back to a members masking in our halls. These will be outlined, by the general committee, and maintained by the outernational Guard.
Post Admission
We would be awry to say if we thought you’d stay here forever. No leader is expected to stay, nor will the be forced to stay within our halls with threats of war, or to be shamed into staying by those who want to lord over how they helped “build” their nation. No leader is, or will ever be claimed by us if we help them with any amount of monetary aid. We understand that not everyone will, or can stay in a place forever, we are citizens of the world. We want you to experience the world out there, with the ability to come home whenever you feel it is the right time to come home.
Thus we allow you to retain your masking of the integral parts of our alliance, so you can keep up with the happenings of our unique sphere. We never want you to feel as if you are being shut out for being a citizen of the world. We encourage you to use your understanding of your new home to help shape ours, to use opinions you learned elsewhere to try to shape ours.
Now it would be foolish to think that everyone who joins us is pure of heart, and has the best intentions of his or her own. So there must be a few guidelines for our members to reach, to strive for to keep their masking of our internal workings. These guidelines will be made available to you as soon as you are a full-fledged card carrying member of our alliance.
No willing participant of the world at large needs a government to tell him or her what to do, or how to act. Any leader within our halls already knows what is expected of them, to represent their alliance, and their ideals. Though it would be folly to expect anyone outside of our collective to know, or even understand how we operate, so there must be some semblance of a full democratically elected figurehead to deal with such alliances as these.
This position is leader in name only, only to deal with those alliances that need a direct person to get in contact with. This position is for those alliances too simple, or too imprisoned to enjoy working as a collective, instead who use the fallacy of an elected government to do their bidding.
The commissar will only be used for direct talks with other alliances in time of war, infringement, and peace declarations. They will never be allowed to make unilateral decisions that affect the alliance in any way, shape or form. All that is required of them is to pass on relevant information to the collective, and to let the general committee to decide on a final course of action.
This is the only governmental figure we need as an alliance that holds the values of sovereignty to the highest regard. There will never be an elected member other than the Commissar, and this member will be elected every six months., elected by a vote.
Any nation who holds a mask of our internal workings may be eligible to be voted for to become the newest Commissar. We hold no value on being on the AA, or being off the AA, if you’re a member, you’re a member for life. We expect you to maintain your principles not just in our alliance, but also in every alliance. We do not expect you to all of a sudden dismiss where you came from to fit in with a new home. As this position is a figure head position it does not matter to us if your are no officially on our alliance in-game, as a leader, and a free thinker you will always be apart of our alliance, and having the ability to give us relevant info for us to vote on for the betterment of our alliance.
The Councilor 
Since we have no formal elected government to tell you who to trade with, or who to deal with in terms of aid, and you would like someone to help you on your way to finding profitable deals in your favor, there shall be a person named the Councilor to help you.
Now the Councilor has no authority over you, and what you ultimately decide to do. They are there to help you find deals, when you simply cannot, or don’t know where to look. If they find you a deal, you are no way obligated to accept the deal if you do not like where it’s coming from, or the amount required of you to send back.
There shall only ever be three Councilors.
The Historian
As a collective we believe the best idea is to work together every step of the way, not leveling one person higher than another on top of priorities and alliance standing. Though we must always have a historian, to write down our history from day one to our last days, and only one historian at a time. Who will keep up to date our wiki, and our forums. 
The Librarian
As an alliance for members we need to keep our guides up to-date, as well as accurate. We understand that everyone can contribute, but only one can maintain the editorials of our guides. So there will only be one member who can officially update our guides. Any member may submit a rewrite of a guide to the librarian for editing in. The discretion is up to the librarian to edit the document fully, partially, or not at all. If not at all there must be an explanation as to why. If the explanation does not concur with the rest of the alliance, the librarian will go back, and see what they suggested to add.
The Keeper(s)
Now here is a titular title that is open for anyone who makes propaganda for the alliance, be it pictures, stories, political thought of Obey. Basically the keepers keep the culture of the alliance alive. 
Foreign Affairs
No sovereignty of any alliance has precedent over any other alliance, just as no nations sovereignty has precedent over any other nation. All leaders have a say in how they run their nation, or how they want to live in this world. Thus we hold dear a Non-Aggression Principle, which should not be confused with being neutral in world affairs, or in our defence of our sovereignty.
Our Non-Aggression Principle is our inherent belief that all nations have the right to live in this world unharmed, and be able to grow their lands as they see fit. We don’t seek to violate the sovereignty of any other leader leading their nation as they see fit. So we out rightly ban the desperate attacks on sovereign nations, known to the world as tech raids. We deplore the use of this tactic to steal the resources of another nation for use in their own nation. Any nation within our community that tech raids the resources of another leader has their membership revoked immediately, just as any member we allow in our community after their leave is found to have tech raid forfeits their right to be apart of our community any longer.
Since there is no government in place to force through a treaty that denies us our rights, or that infringes on our sovereignty as nations. We must allow all of our nations to go out into the world to whichever alliance means of conversation they would like it, and hold talks with any governmental agency. Though no formal committee exists to hold talks about a bi-lateral treaty binding our two alliances.
Any member who takes it upon themselves to go out to the world, and brings the knowledge to other alliances also have the ability to talk about, and bring back to us any proposal about a treaty with us, and the other alliance for a vote.
As well as holding a Non-Aggression “Pact” with all nations, we don’t expect the same from other alliances, and to fully realize our defence of our ideals we must have appropriate defence systems in place.
So there for any treaty signed by ourselves, and another alliance will never hold an aggressive clause as a mandatory action, any optional aggressive clause will not be used for aggressive attacking, and only in defence of an allies ally being attacked.
Voting on knowledge
Everything in the alliance will be decided upon a vote, and every single member of our community will have one vote; no more, no less. Meaning every masked member of our internal workings, every nation who is apart of the collective. A minimum of majority upon the subject being voted on will be needed for it to pass. It will not pass if fifty percent or lower is the outcome of the vote.
Voting for Commissar
Voting on the only elected “official” will be handled in such a manner as not to indicate self-placement above any other leader. There will be no set up before the vote, on nomination period, only a straight vote, with any nation being able to be voted upon.
If no leader gains a majority in comparison to all the other votes cast for other leaders, the highest three vote getters will then be voted upon again. If a leader still does not get the majority vote between all votes cast, the highest two nations will then be voted upon again. The winner of this election will be considered the next Commissar. All via an open election, with no hidden votes.
As stated before any member can bring up a treaty for vote by the general committee. There will be at least three-day discussion upon merits of said treaty. After the discussion period there will be an open vote between all members of our community for the treaty. If the treaty holds a majority vote after three days of voting, it will pass, and come into enforcement that day for our alliance.
Librarian / Historian
Once one of these two positions step down, a vote shall be held for their replacement. A one-week long majority rules vote for the top vote getter. The top vote getter will then become the role of the position they were running for. 
outernational Guard
A peculiar position we find ourselves in when we want the best freedom of our nations, and the ability to act fully within our guidelines, and be accommodating to the world at large, in regards to masking members, and of foreign dignitaries. Thus the outernational guard will be a selected few members of the alliance, tasked with masking of internal, in-game, and external members on forums. As well as continuing to monitor expats for continued membership masking on our forums. 
Such as the peculiar position we find before, we have another one, we don’t want to raise the guard to be above any other integral member of our community but we must have those nations step up to allow for the admission, masking, and continuation of membership in our alliance; not everyone will know how to work a forum, or want to run one. 
Thus members who wish to join the guard will submit themselves to the alliance for a questioning period of a week. Then there will be a voting period of five days, where the one wishing to join the guard needs to surpass sixty six percent of the vote. 
There shall be no more than five members of the guard at all times per fifty members. Members may only join if a member of the outernational guard steps down or is removed from more than two weeks inactive, in-game, without notice. You forfeit your right to help the alliance, if you go inactive without telling the alliance. 
If you enjoy playing the game in a leftist environment, or playing with the knowledge that your nation is all yours with minimal interference from anyone else; then we're the alliance for you. Come join us, and see the true revolution in progress. 
You can find us on irc!
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