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Back to where it all began...


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Cape Town. Perhaps not where our story began on a timeline, but certainly the location where the world(s) had irreparably changed. The unneeded war and nuclear attack that had led to the destruction of The Cape and surrounding area was one of Mogar's biggest regrets, on a long list of them. This time around, he had the ability to change that and so plans were made to reclaim rebuild, and restore The City back to what it was meant to be.

As with the Los Angeles incorporation, the process had to be delicate, the Imperium was alien to Africans, and so quietly discussions would be held to afford protection to the city under the Imperium's umbrella now that the Northlands had gone silent. It struck some in the upper levels of the Imperium's government as strange that they were reaching out to a city with no real strategic importance, nor any major resources to exploit, but Katsuro had insisted upon it and there were few who would test the young man's temper, a trait he had gotten from his mother.

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Decades had passed since The Cape had been lost to the consequences of war, and few remained who remembered the Tower of Babel that was once begun here. The city had been given a sense of humility, 出る杭は打たれる。as the Japanese said, the nail that sticks out gets hammered down. The Imperium did not hold onto such beliefs, the nail that stuck out was noticed, and in a nation of nearly 2 billion people, being noticed was the only way to get ahead. The Imperium had also changed its navy significantly, with so few nations there was no longer the requirement for heavy force projection.

The Super Yamato would finally be constructed, it was one of the largest ships mankind had ever constructed. The nuclear powered 
Meireki would end up weighing in at over 100,000 tons, the ship rivaled the size of the largest aircraft carriers of the Americans before the fall, 345m long, a 38m beam, and a 14m draft. The Meireki held even larger guns than the Pacific Bastion, three turrets holding three 560mm guns, along with VLS launchers carrying a standard compliment of 72 LiaoSho missiles, 48 S-400, various point defense systems, and the most advanced electronics the Imperium could think of. Such a vessel was designed with the intent of being the flagship of the Imperium navy, and so it would be. The ship's first mission would be one of peace, a strange choice for realistically the largest weapon of war ever created, but certainly would prove the Imperium's value to any who gazed upon it.

The Meireki sat in Table Bay while the diplomats held their discussions, providing those representing the South African city with reason to hesitate disagreeing with the Imperium representatives, though most were not alive for The Cape's destruction, the memory of such a tragedy did not easily slip from memory. Along with the naval presence, Imperium aircraft had begun arriving, The C-9 tanchōzuru was yet another symbol of the Imperium's strength, ferrying several thousand men and their attached armor to an outlying base near the city, the Imperium's new headquarters within the city. 

Mogar on the other hand, arrived by private craft, having spent the past several days upon Luna ensuring the seed cables were progressing as scheduled, there were some quiet discussions about adding 2 more Space Elevators, one for Eastern Africa, and another in Brazil, but the scale of the current projects was well beyond the realistic capabilities of the world as it stood. He would support the idea of course but the megaproject was beginning to overwhelm the Imperium's economy as it was, better to finish what they had started before expansions. a unique Mazda Furai from his private collection had been delivered before he arrived, providing him with transportation to wander the city, and decide what they would do with the clean slate, repeat the past, or aim even higher?

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