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A reply to Terminator

Sigrun Vapneir

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So I came across this post at some point yesterday and ruined a perfectly good keyboard. I did not reply to it at the time, because it was a completely OOC post in an IC forum and there was no way to reply to it in an IC manner. Kind of a jerk move that should ultimately not prevent me from replying to it, I decided, therefore I will post my reply here, in the correct forum.


I've done my best to present exactly the post I confronted yesterday, although as both of the posts involved have been editted since there could be a minor mismatch. The 'Terminator' pointedly added a second line to skirt a rule (while flagrantly posting in the wrong forum of course) but it does not add any content. Here goes:





Some of us judge success by other things than numbers.

You apparently judge success by things you take by force from others. That makes you a criminal and a thug in an alliance of criminals and thugs. It makes you a sociopath in an alliance of sociopaths. Nobody likes you, so you have fools around you serving as meat-shields who are bound by fear. That can only get you so far.


Your leaders have gathered toadies around you sacrificing millions in nation strength that will ultimately be for nothing. Once it no longer becomes profitable to fight alongside you, they will abandon you. Nobody in Polaris is asking for mercy. How many on your side are sniveling to your leaders about how much damage they are suffering as they are sent in to attack us and we will not quit?


How much have you spent in your war with me? Was it worth it? I am I supposed to feel beaten? I hope you and the other one attacking us spent a lot of money cutting your nation strength to less than half of what it was so you could down-declare on us. I have been beaten up by much better than you. Most of them are gone and I am still here. There will come a day when nobody remembers who you are and I will still be here unchanged.


And so will Polaris.


You and your empty-souled leaders can continue to send pawns our way to do your dirty work and in the end all it will garnish for you is more loathing.


You can lash out at those better than you and try to get some satisfaction by the damage you can cause, because you and your ilk cannot create anything. No matter how much damage you inflict, you cannot beat from Polaris that your host of nobodies lacks and always will lack: honor, courage, integrity, virtue.


We will still have that no matter what you do to us. All you will accomplish is to demonstrate how toxic your continued existence is to the rest of the world.


So by all means, keep on wasting resources on us and see what it gets you.



Its a game


And in reply... yes, Terminator, it's a game. Several of us, including Walford, were in the process of playing it when you wandered into the room and... what exactly did you think you were doing?  Heckling the players? Vandalizing the field?


Idiocy like this is why I hardly even bother trying to play this game anymore.



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