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California's International Adressd

Peter Ilyich

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David Marxon-


As stated before, we are finding a way to bring this to a peaceful solution. We are attempting to work on a Treaty to split the peninsula, however people continue to claim we are not willing to negotiate. We ask for patience from the nations of the world so that this issue may be solved with little to no gun fire necessary, and we hope you are willing to help us to get Texas to sign this Treaty. We have stated that we are willing to take half of the peninsula, because we do not want to harm the alliances we have attempted so hard to build. The decision to move into Baja California was made on the first day of existence for this nation(OOC: But I had to wait 30 days, then a little longer because I was a little inactive.) and thus we had the belief that we should have he right rather than a nation that will not even be connected and has to travel across hundreds of miles of protected land just to reach it. We simply thought that did not make sense, but again, if it makes sense to the other nations of the world, so be it. We have attempted to apologize and not harm alliances.

On the topic of the Plains Federation-Texas conflict, and as we were not aware of it's illegal secession, we do no longer recognize Texas as an independent nation. We hope the statements we have made clear many things up for people, as we do not want to be in quarrel with any one of you. If you have any questions, please respectfully send me a message. We want this to end peacefully, and without any harm to alliances. Finally, as for the Marco Doctrine "Expanding into Baja", as we said before we were working, and we stated so, on a Treaty that would split the peninsula, yet they continue to claim we are not willing to cooperate. With all due respect, I wish that all these nations would just look a little closer. We would be grateful.

Texas is another former state, and we did not want to have any argument with them. We were both independent before in history, and I was actually ready to request Governor Sparks come to Sacramento to speak diplomatically with us, no more that a day before the Baja "message"

Again, thank you. We hope for a peaceful solution.


They would be open to questions, with respect, as they wanted to find any way possible to bring the nations to better understand what they were doing and why. They wanted to be sure not too many alliances were hurt in the process of attempting to claim Baja California, as that would be a serious problem.

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