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The California Multiplication

Peter Ilyich

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[1/7] Baja California


Legislation in California has passed for the military expansion into Baja California and claiming it as a territory, and possible 7th State in the Republic, long awaited. Many more people will soon be liberated and brought into the hands of the California Republic.

The project started following the deployment of soldiers to the region to successfully take control. With the area basically in anarchy their was little to no resistance expected. This turned out to be true at first when they took the northern section successfully within 2 days. The Republic decided to make the movement quiet for anyone outside of their own nation, not releasing many details about the movements in Baja California.



While advancements in Baja California continued, and the best soldiers on the project, defense around the current borders were being kept up due to the common political and military threats around the unstable world.

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[2/7] Baja California


After all the destruction throughout the years, Baja California would need to be rebuilt from the ground up. The entire penninsula was about to get a makeover. It would start with government funding for new roads, that should commence within the week when roads begin to be layed out by hard-working citizens, some that are actually living in Baja California. More information on Project Baja can be found on the official government website.



While expansions were taking place in Baja California successfully, the government sent funding to deploy troops to Nevada and secure it as a protectorate until it is decided that it is worthy of becoming a territory or state, which should be pushed in the legislature, possible to avail. The only nation to be notified of this event was the closest nation constantly active politically and militarily, Cascadia.

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[1/7] South Baja

Troops would be sent to secure southern Baja peacefully, and they would bring extra food and supplies to the territory. As South Baja was expecting California, there was little resistance and most people were happy with being brought into California(87%, SOURCE: South Baja Census), and the South Baja Census was completed. Gerald Herald attended that night, and expressed his joy that all of Baja would soon be in the California Republic.


[3/7] Baja California

Regular Baja Caifornia, already being annexed, should also hold a census. With this information, the government could make estimations on how large the population would be following Baja annexation, and they would arrive in the area and give all of the people there California citizenship, since they had lived in "Baja" California.


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