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war declarations and nation activity


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only one of my war declarations is showing up in my nation activity

it isn't because the others were deleted, because one of the others was not deleted, but is still not showing up

it also isn't because they were expired because both of the ones left are currently expired and one of them is still on the activity log

is this a bug, or is it by design, or i don't even know

but if it is by design i'd like to request that they stay in our activity log longer

it is annoying enough that people delete wars so quickly so i can't look back on my war history but a nice compromise (and the reason i even looked to see) is if we had it so that our war declarations were logged in our nation activity for a meaningful length of time

but yeah it seems like a bug because literally i can't figure out why else they wouldn't show up unless you just have it randomly cut off after X amount of days

which, if that's the case, hey this is the questions forum so

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this is still a problem


i can see bill payments back through november but despite having 2 expired wars on my war screen i cannot see the war declarations on the activity log


the most recent one, declared the 12th, still shows up


i'll see if i can remember to check it every day and see how long it takes for it to delete

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