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Do you remember the first time you lied to a woman? Other than your mother, that is.


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Time travel was always a fascinating subject. In one of the many parallel universes, Mogar was not assassinated, and served as ruler of Southeast Asia for time beyond standard measurements. Mogatopia sprang from its old borders in a world destroyed by famine and disease, the Whitening had overtaken most of the world, and strange things began occurring in the few nations left.


Mogar didn't know any of this of course. having greatly $%&@ed up an experiment upon the Supercav Sub, he was transported into a very familiar Palace he had lived in, there was no Antasija, there was a bevy of beautiful naked women but he was not really interested in them, having a pounding headache and based upon how sore he felt, he more than likely had his fill the previous evening.


He got up and got a glass of water, downing it and searching for his cell phone, thumbing through it he quickly checked the date and realized exactly where he was. "That explains the no Antasija." he muttered, making his way through the spacious building to the nearest kitchen, wanting to be alone but at the same time needing to sate his hunger.


After orange juice and bacon, he quickly got used to the maids and servants fawning upon him, and an hour later he met his secretary, prepared to walk him through the day. "Sir, you have a meeting at 8am with the board of directors, quarterly reviews are needed and you'll have to authorize the funding for the next three months..." she droned on but he grew disinterested, eventually interrupting her. "Does one of those projects happen to be time travel experiments?" she paused, narrowing her eyes at him slightly before she looked through her tablet, "There is one project, it has been listed as a black project and as such there is no data about it on the main servers, you'd have to go to the lab to learn more about it." 


"Excellent, arrange to take me there."


OOC Claim: Indochina, Sumatra and its outlying Islands.

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