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War had come to the Imperium, not that the average citizen noticed, the gigantic holographic displays and television screens would bombard the populations with images of the war, including the Empress herself riding in a Type 10.


The subtle message that constant threats are all around them being disseminated , ensuring loyalty of the population regardless of ethnic or religious background. The enhanced shifts had led to even more money being spent are the bars and clubs of the nation, extra money meant more booze, and finding someone else for the night.


The best part of this country to Mogar, was the darkness never really set on the Empire of the Rising Sun, they simply created their own light until the Dawn came once more. Pilots had to be specially trained to land in Tokyo, the amount of light pollution and lasers that strobes through the air caused for incredible discomfort to those who relied on the normal visual landing.


Within the city itself, the neon and lights were overwhelming, he roamed the city streets seeking to clear his mind, talking to the Dreamer had given him pause, perhaps Antasija was not completely written off after all, and it was interesting there was others with his... technical prowess, though it appears to manifest in a far different way for him. He had taken him up on the offer but would be waiting a day, the first of the copies was to be sent to the Americas, as a test of how accurate they were to the real thing.


There was so much to do, every world he visited was always thrown into chaos, he sighed and stopped in the middle of the alley, a rock in the river of people walking in either direction. Rain began to fall and he looked up at the sky, the clouds constantly reflecting any of the thousands of light sources of Tokyo. It was all going to come together, he just had to be patient, he thought to himself, stepping into the nearest club to get out of the rain.

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Mogar looked around the club, the music was pulsing with the lights, like everywhere else in the city, the place bombarded every sense, smells, sounds, sights, it must have been difficult for someone not adjusted to the lifestyle. He grabbed a waitress by the hand and pulled her towards him, leaning in shouting over the music "WHat a guy gotta do to get into a VIP room? I'd like somewhere a bit quieter if you can manage, I'll make it worth your while." he said, showing his billfold.
The waitress stops, surprised by his sudden requisition but impressed into cooperation by the amount of money that was shown, "Come this way!" she shouted, heavily accented, over the music before beginning to lead him off. He followed the woman, he did not mind the sight of her hips swaying as they walked up the stairs, but realized he should probably not be looking for a distraction considering the gravity of what he was going to do tomorrow. The mostly enclosed room was spacious and the music kept down to a dull roar. "Excellent, Bring back a bottle of Jack, and keep the change." He said, handing over ¥200. She looked at the bills and smiled, "Thank you sir." she says before trotting off to go get what he wanted.
She returned a short time later, he had gotten comfortable, he was not one to enjoy crowds as of late so the quiet was nice. she poured him a glass with a smile and then the liquid slowed to a crawl, along with the music, with both stopping at the same time, he hadn't noticed at first until the music completely stopped, he looked up from the holographic display to look at the waitress. "Miss?" he'd ask, recieving no reply, he waved his hand in front of her before noticing the booze had also stopped flowing in mid air. "Well, this is new."
There was a slight change in the pressure of the room and suddenly a very strong presence was behind him, "I should imagine so, you've never really dealt with *our* side before." a feminine voice says, "Don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you. Not that I couldn't, it's just not my job at the moment." Mogar tilted his head back upon the couch, looking at what he could only describe as an incredibly beautiful androgynous... creature. they were certainly not human. "Your side... I take it you come from upstairs then? I had thought you guys had given up on this planet, at least thats the story I had been told." he bit his lip at the second part of its statement, realizing this was probably not the time for his usual wit.
 "No, I'm from down the lane." the angel said sarcastically. It had six wings of varying size and coloration and had bright green eyes in it's unnaturally chiseled face, "Let's just say that the tales of our negligence are highly exaggerated." He shrugged "The situation below implies you guys are not really paying much mind to our little blue sphere, though I'm sure civil wars can be taken advantage of.." he paused, "What can I do for you, surely you did not come here to have a chat with me about the drugery of politics." he said dryly, standing and picking up the glass from underneath the waitress's pouring hand, amused at the stream staying still, turning to face the guest.
"I'm here to talk to you about how much time you're spending on the pockets of your overpriced pants." the angel says, "If you'll excuse the pun. We need you working and that seems to be the sort of thing you aren't doing right now." Taking a drink he quickly replied, "I've had more pressing matters, I dont much care for which of you ends up with the planet, I simply want to find Antasija."
The angel hesitates, "Is that all?" it proceeds to roll its eyes and wave its hand slightly to open up a little viewing portal, "Say 'please.'" The portal pictured a bored looking Antasija, dressed in a strange fashion entirely inconsistent with her surroundings, which is to say tight-fitted leather clothing, a black leather duster, a cowboy hat for some reason, and a Thompson Submachinegun which was entirely out of place.
 He looked at the image, "How do I know it's the real her? You're talking to someone who has made thousands of clones, are you telling me you guys fucking kidnapped her?"
 "Protective custody." it says, rolling its eyes again, "And what does it matter, even if she were a clone? In your own words, as long as the memory is there, there's no inherent difference." its mouth tweaks up at the corner, "Fortunately for you, it is indeed the real her." Mogar hesitated, "You would be aware of my deal with Tera, what about that? Am i simply switching to a new master, or is this about the search itself and the sides are not what matters?"
"Free will and all that bullshit." the angel waves it off, "We're operating under the assumption that you're going to leave that deal eventually when it gets too costly. Whether you start working for us or not isn't what matters." He'd sigh, disliking using the P word. mustering up his energy he would finally say, "Can I... please have Antasija back then? This time I won't be letting her go off to vacation alone ever again."
 "We don't give a shit about letting her go on vacation." it says, "But right at that moment? Really? Foresight please." it suggests, "And since you asked so nicely..." It waves and Antasija was transported from her position in the image to one of the chairs, still frozen, "Tada." Still stunned at the wardrobe choice he couldn't help himself, "Can I ask why the fuck she is wearing that getup? like what the hell are you guys doing up there?"
"She got bored and asked for it." the angel says with a smile and a shrug, "I assume she was just doing it to test where the sarcasm ended. She's failed thus far." Mogar looked over the outfit again and wondered why the Thompson, but resumed to the topic at hand, "So I just have to get back to searching and you guys will be happy?"
 "Yeah." The angel waves its hand, "It's that simple really." it breaks out into a wide smile, "Now, before I leave, do you have any further questions?"  He shrugged, "Probably, but I am more interested in her than picking your brain for some hints as to what the fuck sort of game I am being used as a piece in, thank you, though next time you could write and tell me what happened."
"That's no fun." The Angel then proceeds to leave in much the same fashion that the Cheshire cat would use, but intsead of a manic grin left behind a smug smile, which disappeared after a slight chuckle. The world then suddenly clicked back to normal speed, the sound quite alarming from what had been dead silence a moment earlier. Watching the whiskey start to pour on the table he quickly replaced his glass, "Sorry, I just couldn't help myself." he said with a wry smile, turning to Antasija, "As for you, I've been expecting you..."
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It took him a few seconds after the waitress had departed to collect himself, it was natural that the other side existed, but for them to have taken an interest in this little mission meant they were onto something potentially world changing. Pouring both of them another glass he wrapped an arm around Antasija, holding her against him for a long moment "So... you're not allowed to go on vacation anymore."
"Oh darn." she said a bit sardonically, "Whatever shall I do without being attacked by demons and kidnapped by Angels." she waved the Thompson casually in one hand by way of emphasizing her sarcasm. "You know I have spent the past six months searching both worlds for you? I doubt you had a phone but you could have given me a sign or something, we're way behind schedule now, I'm just glad you're not dead, or in Tera's hands."
Putting his hand on the gun he put it down next to her, "You're going to have to pretend that's a prop, those things are illegal here. I asked the angel about the getup, but why a thompson, the rest of the outfit is 1800s, you're not even historically accurate!" he asked teasingly. "I asked to be a fucking Gangster Cowboy and they actually did it!" she shouted defensively, "I didn't expect them to just kinda give me all this shit!"
 "So did you get to watch me, or what? What's Heaven like? Did they tell you anything about what the fuck we're supposed to be doing? The angel that gave you back to me seemed very intent on getting me back to finding this artifacts, but I dont see how that helps Heaven, and why kidnap you?" handing her a glass and downing his own, this was going to be a long night. "Well to start off they didn't tell me jack shit and I didn't get to see anything. The place is on a cloud, no matter where you go you don't see the ground. As far as I know I was on some form of protective custody, so I got to do basically anything I wanted so long as it wasn't to prying. Mostly it was boring."
 "So, basically, they wasted half a year of my time only to come down and nudge me back on track after they realized they took away what was keeping me on track, so much for wonderful creatures that just want to bring heaven to humanity. I have only located two while you were gone, we're up to 11 out of the total, and from the way she spoke, we're getting close to the deadline to complete this task, nothing like working under pressure, eh?" he paused his rant to kiss her slowly on the lips, "You were wise to go with them though, I can't imagine she'd have been as kind to return you, in one peice anyway."
 "That's the size of it." Antasija says, tipping her hat back to recieve the kiss, "Glad to see you've not become some kind of wreck while I was gone though. I was almost afraid that I was losing track of time and that I'd come back after a few years having thought it was just a couple months." He considered telling her about exactly what a mess he had been, but it would have just made her feel guilty for taking the break in the first place, so he poured another glass and cuddled with her for a few minutes, just enjoying the ability to touch her once more before he finally said, "I suppose you've been out of touch with world events, this world is gearing up for a war, which may make our job a bit difficult."
 "War, good, more food for my family." she rolls her eyes as she quotes Men in Black, "How ever will we evade the authorities and skirt the warzones of the world." She drank her glass down, "Ooooh yeah, I've missed that." Laughing, he clinked his glass to hers, "Here's to indulging in sin, it might not get me into heaven but at this point I don't plan on letting either of us slip into the next life."
 "I'm half convinced that someone gets a lease on my soul as soon as I took the whole "Dark power" thing that came with getting the hell bit out of me." she shrugs, "Ya know, rumors." she shudders at the thought of who might hold said least.  "At least then you get it back eventually?" he said sarcastically, "I have missed your company, mortals are difficult to relate to, though I did encounter an old friend of ours in this new world, the bodyguard from The Cape is currently working in a MoG[Corp] lab here in Tokyo."
 "How is that even really possible?" Antasija asks, puzzled, "Whole new World and all that jazz." Mogar took her glass from her, taking a sip of hers to make it equal in liquor remaining, putting both on the table, "Now close your eyes." he asked, mixing them up while she did so. "Now select the glass that was yours." She immediately points to the one on her left, "That one."
 "Well... I had forgotten about your lipstick." he said bashfully, "The point is, that they're both the "same" world, it stands to reason that there would be another Mogar in this world, though likely assassinated by this point in the timeline, you could have lived out your life without getting turned vampy, or had gone down a darker path and become evil, or any number of scenarios, the ripples of time travel are hard to predict. Somehow she ended up in Tokyo, and I realized such a coincidence couldn't be merely by chance, so she's assisting in something that will jump us up the to do list, knocking ten off the list at once."
 "Fair enough." she says, "Still weird though." she takes a drink, "Boosting up that far would be hella convenient though." she said, falling back into their normal banter, "If you'd like when this is all over we can search for your doppelganger, though currently that country is at war, and likely to be on the opposite side of the one we're in." he said shrugging, "I suppose if you are vampy in this world it just means you'll not be going hungry."
 "You kidding? We'd be at each other's throats in a second, and I would win. Then I would feel bad about killing myself. Bad idea." she shrugs, "But ya know, that's just life." she looks around, "Maybe we should get out of here ja?" Finishing his glass he tossed a few hundred Nuyen onto the table and wrapped his arm around Antasija's waist, not wanting to go even a few feet away from her, back out to th thumping sounds of the club proper, whisperyelling into her ear "I do enjoy this place, I'll have to take you to meet the Empress, or one of her anyway."
 "That would be delightful." she said, "I just want to meet someone who isn't some holy, condescending piece of ass." she cuddled close to him, slinging the Thompson over her shoulder, fully intending to keep the silly thing. "She's certainly... unique, but seems to be down to earth for the most part." his hand moving up and down her side, "I wouldn't mind walking through Harajuku with you in your current outfit though, I bet you'll get dozens of people trying to take your picture, maybe you'll start a new fashion trend." he said teasingly.
 "Retro forever." she says, tipping her hat down over her eyes so as to seem more dramatic and flashing fangs at anyone who got a little too curious, "I'm all about style you know." Mogar pushes a way through the writhing sweaty bodies, out to the entrance and the cool night air. "You know those teeth aren't so scary in this world, they have the capability to make actual catgirls, vampire teeth is an easy prosthetic."
 "Doesn't mean they aren't cool as fuck." she says indignantly, "I've got better than any surgeon could give anyways." He snorted, "I suppose yours are fully functional, not something that can be easily replicated." he leaned in kissing her neck, enjoying her scent. "I have missed you, yaknow."
 "I've missed you too, but there are some needs more pressing than loving on you endlessly." she sticks her tongue out at him and takes a moment to prick her tongue and suck on it a little. Kissing her passionately, he let her feed a bit, pulling away to ask, "They didn't feed you? what terrible hosts." tilting his head to let her nip at his neck as they walked. " 'And feed such a dark power?' " she mocks, " 'Unacceptable, we shall simply put your hunger on hold, what you do with it once you get back is on you.' " her face remains a mask of slight indignation as she bites into his neck, trying to keep her eyes to the front and avoid stumbling.
 With his arm around her waist he guided them along, the sidewalks were mostly empty by this time of the evening, "I'm sure they were soooo nice to you, a daughter of Satan in their paradise."
"Uggh, you wouldn't even believe how nice they were." she sighs, taking a little break, "It was disgusting. I got back all the sarcasm I gave though. They didn't really believe in turning the other cheek on that sort of thing." They walked in silence for a while, the only noise her nibbling upon him, eventually reaching the apartment building he had been staying at, "Home sweet home my love, it's a bit better than the Hotel we were staying at, a much better view." he said as they got into the elevator.
"Better you say?" she says, impressed, "I can't wait to see it." she finishes munching on his neck and wipes her mouth off on her hand, "Sounds impressive." The private elevator opened into a small room to enter the apartment, opening the door he led her into the spacious penthouse, with a balcony that looked down upon the city, the sprawl of glass and concrete. "We'll have to come back here, I love this place." She said, as he opened another bottle, pouring each of them a glass and clinking their glasses together, "To new beginnings."
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