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Spanish Imperial Army movements actions


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The Imperial fleet ported at Santiago went into full alert, news from Madrid showed that Mendoza believed an attack from Mexican forces was imminent. The Carrier ISS DeSoto was ordered back to Gibraltar with an escort fleet due to problems with its engine, leaving the ISS Jarlsberg the only operating Spanish carrier in the Caribbean. Cuban Nationalist forces have allowed the Spanish to land troops and tanks onto the island bulking total forces to 167,000 including the Cuban forces. The Imperial Navy has ordered several fighters to run patrols keeping an eye out for American ships looking to strike the Imperial forces.


Imperial Subs have been ordered to sink any American vessels within Cuban waters.


Total Spanish forces in Caribbean


167,000 infantry - 56,000 of which are Cuban Nationalist

25 subs - of German U boat design 

10 battleships 
500 fighters - 350 are bf109 navy models either unloaded by the aircraft carriers or operating off airfields in Cuba, the rest are Cuban Nationalist FA2 Buffalos given to them by Spain.
1 carrier - ISS Jarlsberg
20 cruisers 
40 destroyers
157 tankettes -L3 models
200 Panzer IV tanks
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With the Spanish withdrawal from the Caribbean most of the fleet returned to Gibraltar, the entire submarine fleet along with twenty destroyers remained in the Atlantic patrolling Spanish shipping lanes an making sure nothing followed the fleet. The Bermuda islands were used as a temporary base and makeshift port in the Atlantic. Having no more than five sub crews and a destroyer using it to relax unload cargo and camp.

Spanish forces in Africa are on alert and most of the empire is in defcon 3

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